Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Fiction Books on CD

Man of Her Dreams by Tami Hoag: Maggie McSwain should have been thrilled when Rylan Quaid asked her to marry him, but he left out the word "love". She is still determined to charm him into loving her. Rylan knows that Maggie is who he could have a perfect partnership with, but can never fall in love again.

Not My Daughter by Barbara Delinsky: When Susan Tate finds out that her daughter, Lily, is pregnant, she is stunned. And then she finds out two of Lily's friends are also pregnant. As principal of the high school, Susan comes under fire.

The Scoop by Fern Michaels: Toots is single again after eight husbands and the paper where her daughter works is in danger of closing. Toots and three of her friends hatch a plan that promises thrills, laughter, and a hint of danger. Never underestimate a Southern lady of a certain age.

Wild Orchids by Jude Deveraux: Widower and author Ford Newcombe has been living a life of solitude and needs inspiration for his writing. Jackie Maxwell is a researcher with an attitude to match Ford's intellect. They discover a connection between their lives and the past which will help them solve an old crime.

Murder at the Washington Tribune by Margaret Truman: Crime reporter Joe Wilcox investigates the murders of two female media professionals, and risks his career, marriage, and even his own daughter's life by baiting a trap for the serial killer.

The Secret Hour by Luanne Rice: Attorney John O'Rourke, his household in turmoil since the death of his wife, and his family the target of resentment over his defense of the Breakwater Killer, finds his life further complicated by the arrival of Kate Harris, a woman trying to discover whether her missing sister is one of the killer's victims.

Sizzle by Julie Garwood: Film student Lyra Prescott witnesses a crime while filming her school project and is pulled into a web of intrigue with only FBI agent Sam Kincaid to help her survive, but their passion for one another may threaten both their lives.

Cat's Paw, Inc. by L.L. Thrasher: Zack Smith is tracking down a fourteen-year-old runaway, Jessica, and her trail leads to the streets of Portland, pimps, drug dealers and pornographers offering security for their innocence.

The Grief Shop by Vicki Stiefel: Tally White is with the Grief Assistance Program and has seen a lot of dead bodies. But this is the first time a murder victim has been brought there by the murderer himself, with a massage that reads: Sins of the Fathers. The girl’s playmate is also missing and Tally hopes to save her before the killer strikes again.

Young Adult Books on CD

Guys are Waffles, Girls are Spaghetti by Chad Eastham: Investigates the scientific reasons why guys and girls think and act differently, and offers advice on how to communicate with the opposite sex.

Young Adult Fiction

L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad: When Jane Roberts is cast in a new reality show; she discovers that the fame and fortune of her new life come at a high price to herself and her friendships.

Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox by Erin Colfer: Artemis's fairy friends help him travel back in time to find a cure for his mother's rare disease which can only be cured by the brain fluid of now-extinct African lemurs, and is shocked to discover that it was actually his younger self who was responsible for bringing about the animal's extinction.

At a Crossroads by Kate T. Williamson: Watercolor illustrations aid in describing the twenty-three months that Kate T. Williamson spent living with her parents in Pennsylvania after she graduated from Harvard and spent a year in Japan.

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