Monday, March 29, 2010

Based on the Book

I've been meaning to post about The Blind Side, as we added the books to our collection a few months ago. Sandra Bullock won an academy award for her performance, and I have heard the book is very good.
The Blind Side, perhaps the best book written about a college football player since Willie Morris's The Courting of Marcus Dupree (1983), grabs hold of you in several ways. On one hand, you'll be appalled by the tactics used to advance academically unqualified high school and college football players. At the same time, you'll be furiously turning the pages, rooting for Michael Oher to succeed. And the story isn't over: If Oher makes it into the NFL in three years, Lewis should have a dandy follow-up.

Here are a few interviews with the author of the book and the actors, as well as Sandra Bullock's elegant Oscar acceptance speech:

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