Friday, February 27, 2009

Today is John Steinbeck's Birthday!

Happy Birthday
to John Steinbeck!
1902 ~ 1968
John Steinbeck is one of the great classic authors of the 20th century, and his books are still widely read in school curriculum. He is in fact one of my favorite authors. I highly recommend Cannery Row and Tortilla Flat. In honor of his birthday, I've put together some Steinbeck links.
John steinbeck Radio Interview Click "Download Now" to open the file in your media player)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

We Shall Remain Preview

I thought I would share a preview of the We Shall Remain PBS series. We will be hosting a number of communty programs in conjunction with the series, the first of which is a book discussion on March 26th(see the below post for more information.)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Native American Programs Begin in March!

We will be hosting a number of events here at the library to supplement the up and coming We Shall Remain PBS series that will premier in April. The program focuses on the history of Native Americans through the collaboration of Native and non-Native filmakers in order to present accurate accounts of the past that have helped to shape the nation we live in today. The voices of this series are those of a people who have endured invasion, disease, war and assimilation programs in an attempt to abolish their language and culture.

Join us for a Book Discussion!
Jan Sears leads a discussion on
The Plague of Doves
The unsolved murder of a farm family haunts the small, white, off-reservation town of Pluto, North Dakota. The vengeance exacted for this crime and the subsequent distortions of truth transform the lives the Chippewa/Ojibwe living on the nearby reservation and shape the passions of both communityed for the next generation.
Copies of the book are available for checkout at the Circulation Desk

Thursday, March 26th
6:30 in the Alliance Public Library
Reading Alcove
This will be the first of four programs to supplement the We Shall Remain series.


Star Wars: Luke Skywalker and the Shadow of the Mindor by Mathew Stover: Powerful remnants of the vanquished Empire, hungry for retaliation, are still at large, committing acts of piracy, terrorism, and wholesale slaughter against the worlds of the fledgling New Republic. The most deadly of these, a ruthless legion of black-armored Stormtroopers, do the brutal bidding of the newly risen warlord Shadowspawn.

Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts by Laura Benedict: Three childhood friends who played dangerous games when they were young are bound together forever. Now their lives are falling apart.

Show No Fear by Perri O’Shaughnessy: Paralegal Nina Reilly gets involved when a woman falls to her death off a bridge near Big Sur and Nina suspect foul play; but when she and homicide cop Paul van Wagoner get too close to the truth, things become increasingly more dangerous.

Rough Weather by Robert B. Parker: A hurricane-level storm hinders a kidnapping, and Spenser goes on a search for the man responsible--the infamous Gray Man, who has both helped and hunted Spenser in the past.

Fire and Ice by Julie Garwood: Newspaper reporter Sophie Rose, having quit a high profile position because her boss wanted her to write an exposé about her criminal father, finds her dad's reputation following her when an attempt is made on her life while she investigates the death of a runner and is assigned an FBI agent as her bodyguard.

Bone by Bone by Carol O’Connell: Two teenage brothers go into the woods one day but only one comes back. No one knows what happened to the younger brother, Josh, until twenty years later when Oren comes back from the Army. Josh's remains appear one bone at a time on the porch.

Runing Hot by Jayne Ann Krentz: Ex-cop Luther Malone and Grace Renquist are assigned to pose as newlyweds while staying at a Maui resort to investigate a murder, and though the sparks fly instantly, the couple must be guarded while the resort fills up with Nightshade agents.

Stories in Treack & Sign Reading Clues that Animals Leave Behind by Diane K. Gibbons: Presents photographs, illustrations, and text to describe the tracks and signs that wild animals leave behind, and explains how to locate and read these clues in the wild.

The Most effective Natural Cures on Earth by Jonny Bowden: Provides a welcome, vetted holistic approach encompassing the mind-body connection and natural treatments.

Invasive Plants by Sylvan Kaufman: Full-color illustrated photographs of over 175 species of invasive plants in North America that describes their environmental and economic impact.

Story of the 1900 Galveston Hurricane: Tells the story of the devastating hurricane that hit Galveston, Texas in 1900 through eyewitness reports from people who were on the scene.

The Berlin airlift: The Salvation of a City by Jon Sutherland: Stalin halted all road and rail traffic into and out of the Allied sector of Berlin and cut off al the electricity. The only way in to the city was three twenty-mile-wide air corridors, which were used to bring food, coal, and other necessary items.

Red, White or Yellow: The Media & The military at War in Iraq by Charles Jones: Draws from interviews with reporters and the author's own experiences to examine media coverage of the Iraq War, discussing conflicts, controversies, and frustrations and exploring the importance of accurate, unbiased reporting.

Beatlemanie Forever: The beatles Encyclopedia by W. William Sandercombe: An A-to-Z reference to The Beatles, this comprehensive book includes information on everything related to their careers such as awards, recordings, tours, concerts, television appearances, and films.

Monday, February 23, 2009

March Brown Bag

Join us Friday
March 7th @ Noon
in the Alliance Learning
Center Community Rooms
Patty Cowher reviews
The Ballad of Frankie Silver
by Sharyn McCrub
The program and refreshments
are provided courtesy of
Friends of the Library.

Based on the Book

This week's feature is The Princess Bride by William Goldman, and I am excited to discover that we have the novel here at the library. The movie is a rather well-known comedic adventure released in the 80's, and has been well received by both guys and girls (despite the word "princess" appearing in the title.) The movie presents the story as a novel when the grandfather reads the book to his sick grandson, who at first doesn't want to hear the "sissy" story but soon realizes that the story is anything but sissy.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Based on the Book

Since we were closed Monday for President's Day and I didn't get to post a Based on the Book, I thought I would post one today. I chose Fried Green Tomatos at the Whiskey Cafe by Fannie Flagg, which we have available for checkout. It was made into the movie in 1991.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

another Bookworm

Since I didn't post a Bookworm last week, you get two this week!

SCARPETTA by Patricia Cornwell: Former forensic pathologist Kay Scarpetta takes a case in New York in which a patient in a psychiatric prison asks to speak to her about wounds he claims were inflicted during a murder he did not commit, and after talking with the man, she starts to believe he is telling the truth and a serial killer is on the loose.

CROSSROADS by Belva Plain: Gwen Wright and Jewel Fairchild, their lives intersect, and eventually Jewel marries a wealthy man and discovers that money can't buy happiness. Gwen, meanwhile, marries a poor but honest man—but she still finds herself drawn to Jewel's husband, and the foursome is soon tangled in a web of deceit.

MR MONK IS MISERABLE by Lee Goldberg: Monk accompanies Natalie on a tour of France. In fact, Monk announces that he wants to visit the sewers of Paris. The only problem is that their explorations lead them to another hidden world below the Parisian streets: the catacombs, filled with aging skulls and bones.

BAMBOO AND BLOOD by James Church: Inspector O is obliged to play host to an Israeli agent in Pyongyang, but when the wife of a North Korean diplomat dies in Pakistan, Inspector O is asked to investigate--but is told to avoid asking about missiles.

KINCADE’S BLOOD by Michael Chandler: Kincade is shot by his childhood adversary, Logan, and left in the desert. Logan terrorizes the West and Kincade struggles to save those he can. Joined by his friends, Kincade learns the meaning of brotherhood.

DEADLY GIFT by Heather Graham: Caer Cavannaugh is brought from Ireland to nurse ailing millionaire Sean O'Riley. When O'Riley's business partner goes missing, family friend Zach Flynn arrives and Caer, determined to help him, becomes enmeshed in a mystery of the past and present and an evil spirit.

BLACK OPS by W.E.B. Griffin: After learning of the assassination of an investigative reporter, along with a series of attempts on other government affiliates, Delta Force Lieutenant Colonel C.G. Castillo heads the Office of Organizational Analysis in an attempt to find a link between the crimes, but quickly discovers that he is the next likely target.

LOOKING FOR TROUBLE ADVENTURES IN A BROKEN WORLD by Ralph Peters: Ralph Peters recounts the more remarkable experiences he has had during his travels as an intelligence officer for the United States military.

by Michael Schoby: Offers an analysis to help hunters of all skill levels determine which rifle is best for them. Provides detailed information on finding a great gun threat suits an individual style and is most effective for the terrain and deer you hunt.

FISHING KNOTS by Lefty Kreh: Learn how to tie dozens of knots as a critical part of the fisherman's rig. A complete guide to tying essential knots for light tackles and flies fishing.

FORTS OF THE NORTHERN PLAINS by Jeff Barnes: An up-to-date guide to the critical forts of the Indian campaigns of the late nineteenth century. A valuable combination of history and travel guide.

BACKPACKER & HIKER’S HANDBOOK by William Kemsley Jr.: A photo-illustrated guide to backpacking and hiking that covers preparation, setting up camp, purifying water, dealing with weather, health and safety, insect and plant nuisances, risks on trails, hiking groups, and other related topics.

500 IDEAS FOR SMALL SPACES by Kimberly Seldon: Offers five hundred design ideas for spaces under one thousand square feet, covering living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, home offices, kids' rooms, entryways, halls, utility areas, outdoor spaces, and open concept homes.

BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO BIRD WATCHING by Alicia King: This book provides answers to the most-often asked questions ranging from what to wear, to where to go,
and how to make the best use of your binoculars, field guide, and backyard feeder.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Toni Morrison!
Today is the birthday of bestselling and Noble Prize winning author Toni Morrison. Her work is very rich and compelling, and we have a number of her books available here at the library, including her newest novel, A Mercy, which is a historical fiction story based on the slave trade in the late 17th century.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Juvenile Fiction

BLIND MOUNTAIN by Jane Resh Thomas: Climbing a mountain with his father, Sam must become the guide on their journey down when his carelessness temporarily blinds his father.

THE FORESTS OF SILENCE by Emily Rodda: The evil Shadow Lord is planning to take over the land of Deltora and enslave all its people, and 16-year old Lief must stop him.

by Bruce Coville: Peter Thompson discovers a secret that may save the Earth, but as they encounter a plague and an alien named "Big Julie", their chances seem slim.

THE REVEALERS by Doug Wilhelm: Tired of being bullied and picked on, three outcasts join forces and begin to create a new atmosphere at school.

by Joseph Bruchac: Eleven-year-old Ohkwa'ri and his twin sister must make peace with a hostile gang of older boys in their village during the late 1400s.

THE PRINCESS SCHOOL LET YOUR HAIR DOWN by Jane B. Mason: Gothel just discovered that Rapunzel has been climbing out to attend Princess School and is determined to keep her from escaping again.

by Kathryn Lasky: Soren was kidnapped and has longed to see his sister again. Now he gets the chance, but she's been through a terrible ordeal.

THE JANITOR’S BOY by Andrew Clements: When it becomes known that his father is one of the janitors, a fifth grader finds himself the target of ridicule at school.

QUAKE DISASTER IS SAN FRANSISCO, 1906 by Gail Karwoski: Tells the story of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake as seen through the eyes of Jacob, a Jewish boy who lives in a boarding house.

EACH LITTLE BIRD THAT SINGS by Deborah Wiles: Though her family runs the funeral parlor, Comfort is unprepared for the death of her uncle and the heart-wrenching events that follow.

THE HEART OF A CHIEF by Joseph Bruchac: An eleven-year-old Penacook Indian boy living on a reservation, faces a controversy surrounding plans for a casino on a tribal island.

CITY OF THE RATS by Emmy Rodda: Lief, Barda and Jasmine must survive the forbidden City of the Rats to find the third stone and return it to the magic Belt of Deltora.

Juvenile Nonfiction

WHO’S HAUNTING THE WHITE HOUSE? By Jeff Belanger: Read scary stories from past Presidents and First Ladies, as well as from staff who work there every day and have had the chance to see it all.

FOOTBALL IN THE BIG 12 by Michael Sommers: Presents the history of the Big 12 Conference and its teams, as well as profiles some of the most dominant and colorful players and coaches.

DRAWING IS FUN LEARN HOW TO DRAW ANYTHING: Teaches how to draw almost anything, Has 150 drawings to try out in four easy steps.

FISHING IN ACTION by Bobbie Kalman: This book introduces fishing both as a sport and a hobby, describes essential gear and equipment and how to use a spin-casting rod and reel, and discusses the laws and safety precautions involved in fishing.

BARACK OBAMA by Michael De Medeiros: Presents a brief biography of the politician, Barack Obama.

BEADS ‘N’ BADGES by Gillian Souter: Provides easy-to-follow instructions that offer twenty projects for a string of creations, from noodle beads to felt badges.

THE GREAT LAKES by Annalise Bekkering: Presents a virtual geographical tour of the natural wonder, the Great Lakes.

WARREN BUFFETT by Tamar Lupo: A biography of the third richest man in the world whose generosity, kindness and business skills make him a remarkable person.

UGH! ICKY, STICKY, GROSS SYUFF IN THE HOSPITAL by Pam Rosenberg: Enjoy reading about all things gross and learning plenty of facts about revolting stuff in the hospital.

EEW! ICKY, STICKY, GROSS STUFF IN YOUR BODY by Pam Rosenberg: Enjoy reading about all things gross and learning plenty of facts about various revolting topics.

Friday, February 13, 2009

A Few Friday Games

I thought I would share a few games that have a literary twist to them on this snowy Friday. It is pretty quiet here at the library today, and I would love to be at home with a cup of hot cocoa, a good book and a word puzzle or two.

Literary Fiction Word Search

Match the Literary Genre

Do You Know The American Author?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Search Our Collection Online

For those of you who don't already know, you are able to search our entire collection, and even reserve books, from the comfort of your personal computer using our Web Collection Plus service. Our online catalog is easily accesible and operates in the same manner as our search stations here at the library.

To reserve books, you'll need to login using your patron number (found below the barcode on the back of your library card) and password (your last name). If you don't have a physical library card, simply give us a call or stop by and we will give you your patron number.

The catalog web address is
I kow a great many of you use the service already :-)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Teen Guitar Hero Tournament!

The Alliance Public Library will host a Wii Guitar Hero Tournament on Friday, February 20th at 3:30 in honor of Teen Tech Week.
We will have two seperate competitions. One for 5th-8th graders and another for 9th-12th graders. In order to participate, simply check out and read a book from our teen zone and receive an admittance coupon. Books must be read between now and February 20th.

We will be providing snacks and beverages and Friends of the Library will be providing first place prizes.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Based on the Book


I was digging around, looking for a good post for this week's based on the book, when I made a rather shocking discovery. Apparently the 1995 teen movie Clueless is based on the Jane Austen novel Emma. Now, I've never read Emma, but I have seen Clueless (I was 14 when it was released and thought it was one of the greatest movies ever made) and am rather intrigued to see how they turned a victorian novel into a modern teen movie. We have Emma available for checkout in both the Young Adult and Adult section as well as on Cassette.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Day of Birthdays!

Today, February 7th, is the birthday of 3 notable authors, all of whom have greatly contributed to the world of literature. So, to celebrate, I thought I would put together this monster of post.

Charles Dickens (1812-1870)
Biography & Bibliography


The Works of Charles Dickens Quiz

Read the short Story Tom Tiddlers Ground

Sinclair Lewis (1885-1951)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Valentines Day Storytime!

I have been a little lax with the storytime updates lately, so I thought I would let you all know that next week we will be celebrating Valentines Day at storytime, so join Stephanie and myself as we share our love of books!

Tuesday, February 10th from 6:30-7:00
Thursday, February 12th from 10:00-10:30

Storytime is available weekly for children ages 3-6. Please register your child at the front desk before attending storytime.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Which Twilight Character Are You?

I have a fun little bonus post for you today. Simply click here and you can take a quiz to find out which twilight character your personality most resembles. I most resemble Esme, which is okay by me :-)

February Display

This February, the library display features the Coca Cola Bear collection of Susan Sutton. Be sure to stop in see the adorable fuzzy animals, which will be on display through the end of February.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


THE SPANISH GAME by Charles Cumming: Alec Milius left the British Secret Intelligence Service 6 years earlier after a great personal cost. but his old life hasn't left him. When a Basque politician goes missing, Milius finds himself embroiled in another conspiracy.

PRINCEP’S FURY by Jim Butcher: Tavi of Calderon has achieved a fragile alliance with the savage Canim. Tavi guides Canim to their lands and they find another enemy and destruction of the land. Tavi and Canim must fight side by side to defeat Void.

THE ARCHBISHOP IN ANDALUSIA by Andrew M. Greeley: Archbishop John Blackwood Ryan travels to Seville, Spain, at the behest of a local cardinal who hopes the priest can avert the violence looming over a family of wealthy aristocrats, while dramatic events unfold back home in Chicago that could change Ryan's life forever.

VULCAN’S FIRE HAROLD COYLE’S STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS by Harold Coyle: Facing financial ruin after taking on too many bad clients, Strategic Solutions, Inc., a private paramilitary company, accepts a contract from the Israeli government to aid Druze militias in southern Lebanon from Hezbollah, but SSI quickly discovers it has been put directly in the middle of an age-old conflict that has the potential to become a real war.

THE CHARLEMAGNE PURSUIT by Steve Berry: Ex-Justice Department agent Cotton Malone searches for answers about his father's mysterious death, supposedly in a submarine in the North Atlantic, and follows clues linked to the Nazis, cryptic journals, and an ancient civilization in Antarctica while Admiral Ramsey plots to become the next leader of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

ARCTIC DRIFT by Clive Cussler: Dirk Pitt sets out on an expedition with his children along the treacherous Northwest Passage to find a silvery mineral, which will prove his theory and link the causes for the sudden deaths in British Columbia and the incidents between the United States and an ally.

THE TREASURE by Iris Johansen: Ben Arnaud wants nothing more than to live a quiet life with the love of his life, Selene Ware. But when Arnaud is summoned by his old master to collect on a promise he made years earlier, he's honor-bound to leave the safety of his home and embark on a journey to steal a priceless treasure.

by Laura Claridge: A biography of American author Emily Post, who wrote novels and a bestselling book about manners called "Etiquette" in the 1920s and advocated for middle-class citizens and immigrants.

THE LAST DROP OPERATION VARSITY MARCH 24-25, 1945 by Stephen L. Wright: Drawing on war diaries, unit histories, after-action reports, and interviews with veterans, Operation Varsity tells it as it was experienced by soldiers in the sky and on the ground, from the horrors of parachuting, flying a glider, and the mental and physical punishment of infantry combat.

GI INGENUITY by James Carafano: Shows how the American soldier improvised, innovated, and adapted on the battlefield. Among the improvisations and technologies covered are tanks equipped with hedgerow cutters, the coordination of air and ground attacks, and the use of radios and aircraft to direct artillery fire.

FREEDOM OF RELIGION THE FIRST AMENDMENT AND THE SUPREME COURT HOW THE COURT FLUNKED HISTORY by Barry Adamson: In his book, Adamson explains in detail how the Court flunked history and got it wrong, how they seized on a phrase not even in the constitution, and have gradually built freedom of religion into a restraint of religious liberty.

MEMORY STADIUM by Kevin D. Horn: Each chapter is a year, or years, of Kevin's life and his memories of his strong interest in the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

AUTHENTICATING ANCIENT INDIAN ARTIFACTS by Jim Bennett: Includes an introduction to artifact reproductions, identifying reproduction flint artifacts, and reproduction and altered stone artifacts.

DECORATIVE PLATES IDENTIFICATION & VALUE GUIDE by Jim Harran: A survey of English, German, American and other European plates which include notes on their marks, makers, and changing values.

Based on the Book

This week's Based on the Book is Apollo 13, which is based on the non-fiction book Lost Moon: the Perilous Journey of Apollo 13 by Jim Lovell. We have the movie available in VHS, as well as the book, which can be found in the non-fiction section at 629.45 LOV