Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah: Sisters Meredith and Nina, having been estranged from one another and their parents, reunite after their father falls ill, and, by carrying out their dad's dying wish of hearing the true story of their mother's life in war-torn Leningrad, the women find their relationships mending and begin to have a deeper understanding and respect for their mom.

Poor Little Bitch Girl by Jackie Collins: Three twenty-something women and one hot rich guy, who were high school classmates, come back together when Annabelle's beautiful mother is found shot to death in her Beverly Hills mansion.

Ordinary Thunderstorms by William Boyd: Adam Kindred's life changes abruptly when he travels to London for a job interview and becomes a suspect in the murder of Dr. Philip Wang, the director of a medical trial seeking a cure for childhood asthma.

Dragon Keeper by Robin Hobb: The Traders wish to protect their dragon defender, Tintaglia, and increase the number of dragons by taking them to The Rain Wild River for protection. Thymara, a forest girl and Alise, a Trader's, are part of the group of people who care for the dragons. As the dragons and caretakers journey to the River, they are taught lessons of hardships, betrayals and joys.

Blood Ties by Kay Hooper: The FBI's Special Crimes Unit, a top secret group of agents led by Noah Bishop, travel to the small town, in pursuit of a serial killer who plans to destroy the group from the inside.

An Uncertain Dream by Judith Miller: Olivia Mott becomes torn between her loyalty to Pullman Car Works and her love for Fred DeVault, who is the union's delegate, and when Lady Charlotte Spencer returns to Chicago with her son, reporter Matthew Clayborn shows interest, causing Charlotte to wonder about his motivations.

In the Company of Secrets by Judith Miller: Olivia Mott didn't intend to lie and her position as assistant chef at Pullman's elegant Hotel Florence is dependent on keeping her secrets. Samuel Howard, Olivia's friend and the town manager, seems to think everything is fine. Should Olivia tell what she knows?

Hidden America: The book shows beautiful photography as well as evocative text. America is filled with tantalizing riddles both natural and unnatural, in this illustrated tour of our country.

Unforgettable Places: A tour of eighty favorite destinations, including cultural and historical background, travel advice, and suggested activities for all sites.

The House of Dance and Feathers by Ronald L. Lewis: In the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, Ronald W. Lewis has assembled a museum to the various worlds he inhabits. Built in 2003, the House of Dance & Feathers represents many New Orleans societies.

Cover Letter Magic by Wendy S. Enelow: Professional resume and cover letter writers reveal their inside secrets for creating phenomenal cover letters that get attention and land interviews, which features more than 130 sample cover letters written for all types of job seekers.

Warman's US Stamps Field Guide by Maurice D. Wozniak: Whether the collection is focused on images of presidents or any of the other images, U.S. stamps offer a unique glimpse at history. This pocket-sized guide pays tribute to these various categories of popular postage which offers collectors details and pricing in 4,200 listings.

Secrets of a Stingy Scoundrel by Phil Villarreal: This is the book for everyone who loves rule-bending and money-saving madness. In this economy, it’s every man for himself and this book can help.

Helping Your Child Read by Dee Reid: Learn to develop your child's reading skills and foster a love of books from birth to the end of their primary school years. This is full of practical advice that will help your child become a fluent and proficient reader.

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