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Large Print Fiction

The Apache Kid by Will Henry: His father called him Red Wolf and his friends called him Nino. His many enemies had other names for him. He was the finest tracker for the enlisted Apache Trackers, and now he was the most feared and hunted fugitive.

Bad Company by William A. Luckey: Blue Mitchell was hired to protect a man and thought it would be easy. He was caught in the middle of a battle for land and cattle where tempers ran hot. He found courage he never knew he had.

Master of the Mesa by William Colt McDonald: Hawk Nielson was ruthless and powerful and when he had a son his pride almost matched his greed. Vard Whitlock had more reason than most to hate Hawk Vard kidnapped the baby and hit the trail. Twenty-five years later the showdown was the most violent fight the Mesa had ever seen.

The Lobo Breed by Chuck Martin: Jeff Dawson's father, know as the Lobo, had been falsely accused of stealing and dry-gulched before he could prove his innocence. Now Jeff bore the brand of the Lobo breed and only two people believed in him.

Creede Old Montana by Stephen Bly: Avery Hohn Creede, an ex-cavalry soldier, searches for four Army pals who didn't show up for a reunion. In Fort Benton, he stops a bank robbery and suddenly finds himself in the middle of one conflict after another.

Longhorn Trail by Lauran Paine: Rancher Jack Cole saves the life of a woman who calls herself Julie Krohn. The very next day he is arrested for the murder of Julie Krohn! Jess Howard is an experienced trail boss with a herd on the way to Kansas. He hires a veteran crew as well as two strangers.

The Scorpion Killers by Ray Hogan: The Mexican General, Jamarillo was assassinated and the four Mexicans believed to have done the deed were led by an American known only as Amigo. Shawn Starbuck has reason to believe it might be his missing brother Ben and is lead from the Mexican border to Dodge City with more than one man dead before the mystery man "Amigo" is revealed.

Ranger Man by William Colt McDonald: Johnny's friend Matt was shot just as Johnny rode into Rawhide City and the satchel of gold he was carrying is missing. The sheriff took Johnny's guns and ordered him out of town. But Johnny is a persistent ranger and is determined to unravel the web of mysteries.

Painted Rock by Alan LeMay: Western Stories Whack-ear's pup -- Strange fellows -- Gunnies from Gehenna -- Hard-boiled -- Next door to hell -- Feud fight -- Thanks to a girl in love -- Man with a future -- Old thunder pumper -- The nester's girl -- Fight at Painted Rock.

Same Time Next Year by Debbie Macomber: James Wilkins is a jilted man, with that broken engagement finally behind him; he spends New Year's Eve in Las Vegas, where he meets Summer Lawton. Summer has just been betrayed and James promised her that in a year she'll be over it. They make a date to meet in Vegas at the same time, next year.

Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict by Laurie Viera Rigler: Jane Mansfield leaves 1813 England and awakens in the body and life of a twenty-first-century woman, Courtney Stone. Jane wished to escape her life in England, but the new world is shocking. And the only thing she finds she has in common with Courtney is a love of Jane Austen.

Elvis and the Greatful Dead by Peggy Webb: The Valentine family runs the only funeral parlor in town which caters the wakes, sell the headstones and style the hair of the departed. There is a murderer on the loose and he is killing Elvis impersonators. Callie and Lovie are racing to solve the case and save the annual Elvis Festival.

Unleashed by Laurien Berenson: Melanie Travis wants to plan her wedding to Sam, when Sam’s ex-wife, Sheila sends her a dinner invitation and announces that her temporary stay in town is permanent because she's accepted a job as co-publisher of Woof! -- A dog show gossip magazine. But Sheila is found strangled with a dog leash.

Double Take by Catherine Coulter: After reopening the case of a psychic who was brutally murdered, Special Agent Cheney Stone enlists the help of FBI agents Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock, who are also working on tracking down a woman who looks just like Sheriff Dixon Noble's wife who disappeared three years earlier.

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