Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thank You Posie Supporters!

The Alliance Public Library Staff would like to thank everyone who helped make this year's Read Around the Posies another success!
Thank you to the Board for sponsoring the fundraiser, especially Melba Dickenson, who took such good care of the plants and made everything look so nice!
Thank you so very much to all of the bidders who opened up their wallets. Your funding will help us match the much needed Gates Grant for our public access computer lab.
And a very big Thank You to all of the below volunteers who donated their time and money by making the pots:
Dixie Nelson of the Alliance Chamber of Commerce
Shelbee and Tom Burke
Vicki Dickenson
Deb Dopheide of KAB
Karen Gray
Sharon Griffith
Val Keenan of Stained Glass Visions
Virgil Hatch of the APL Board
Hather Hauptman of All Seasons
Angie Heimstra
Amy Jackson
Marilyn Kuhnel
Sandy McCarthy of the Alliance Park Foundation
Heidi Manion for the Girls Basketball Team
Lue Nerland
Jerri Nyffler
Carrie Ransom for Alpha Delta Kappa
Nancy Reiber
Nancy Sherbarth for Girl Scout Troop 5
Wells Fargo
Theiles Pharmacy and Gifts
Pam Brown of Bank of the West
Terri Short
Alliance FCLA for AHS
Marlene Rose
Ashley Rose
Laurie McLaughlin for Friends of the Library
Vickie Hielscher for Sallows Military Musem

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