Thursday, May 27, 2010

Isn't That Neat!

As a librarian, part of my job is to help you, our wonderful patrons, find specific and useful information in a world that is overflowing with all kinds of information, some specific and useful, some not. So, with this in mind, I am going begin a feature titled "Isn't That Neat" where I will direct you to useful websites and services that can be found on the wonderful worldwide web. I have been hording a list of them for a while now from a variety of resources, and thought the time has come to share :-)

The first featured site is

While shopping locally is always best, the reality is that people also shop online at places like Amazon. This nifty little website helps you secure that coveted free "Amazon Super-Saver" shipping by finding a filler item to add to your order. So, if you need to add a $2.00 item to receive free shipping, it will come back with a list of $2.00 items that are eligible for free shipping - just like that! Isn't that neat!

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