Thursday, May 6, 2010


I am late posting the bookworm this week . . . but as the saying goes, "Better late than never."
Shattered by Karen Robards: Attorney Lisa Grant's boss sends her to the basement to organize cold case files as punishment for missing an important court date, where she finds a picture of a woman who could be her twin in a file about a family that went missing nearly thirty years earlier, and when a series of catastrophes strike, Lisa realizes her discovery of the photograph has put her life in danger.

Silent Sea by Clive Cussler: Captain Juan Cabrillo and the crew of the "Oregon," while searching for a crashed satellite in the Argentine jungle, make a shocking discovery that leads to further revelations involving a Chinese curse hundreds of years old.

The Telling by Beverly Lewis: Grace Byler leaves her Amish community with her new English friend to search for her estranged mother in Ohio; meanwhile, Grace's mother, Lettie, continues her own quest to find what she feels is missing and swallows her guilt over leaving her family.

Take Three by Karen Kingsbury: Film producers Chase Ryan and Keith Ellison begin to question their career ambitions when they are confronted with personal crises, while Bailey Flanigan goes on a Campus Crusade retreat and figures out her relationship with Cody Coleman.

Large Print Fiction
The Badge of Harry Cole by Clifton Adams: As a deputy marshal, Harry Cole valued nothing more than his job, not even his wife, Cordelia. Along the way, he had left a trail of death and broken lives and now the memories return to haunt him as he faces Cordelia's rejection of everything he stood for.

Hanging Woman Creek by Louis L’Amour: Pike and Holt are looking to survive a winter in a Montana line shack, collect their pay and settle down for good. They cross paths with an Irish immigrant and his sister who've been burned off their land. Pike and Holt will risk everything on this fight they don't want.

Dead Man's Gold: The Loner by J.A. Johnstone: After Kid Morgan has buried his wife's killers; he heads to Mexico. On the way, he's sidetracked by some travelers who are hunting down a golden artifact. And others are after it too.

Stormy Range by D.B. Newton: After his older brothers were shot dead, Clem Hardin was left alone to try to restore peace to the range they had turned into a ruin. On one side, he faced the gang the Hardins had hired to terrorize the nesters. On the other side were those nesters who were cutting down any man named Hardin.

Let Darkness Come by Angela Hunt: Briley Lester has taken on a case of a mistreated society wife thought to have killed her abusive husband. It seems hopeless, but Briley is becoming more convinced that her client truly is innocent.

A Green Journey by Jon Hassler: Agatha McGee after a problem at the school where she teaches prompts her to travel to Ireland and look for her pen pal. She meets people that she would never have allowed herself to know before, and learns through experience that love is unpredictable.

Outlaw Canyon by Lewis B. Patten: The Outlaw Canyon is a grim hiding place and holds the answers to the disappearing cattle. Matt and Wes have been feuding since growing up -- first small spats, then over a girl, now over the missing cattle. Matt is going to ride to Outlaw Canyon and settle the feud.

The Hash Knife Outfit by Zane Grey: When Glorianna Traft came to Arizona to visit her brother Jim, the Hash Knife Outfit were stealing cattle and terrorizing the valley. Glorianna wanted to meet a real desperado and became a captive of the most dangerous killer in the gang leading to her and Jim becoming true and valiant citizens of the frontier.

Lawless Guns by Dudley Dean: The drunken gang was reliving the Civil War and their unwavering hatred for anybody who sympathized with the North.

Lord of Far Island by Victoria Holt: Ellen Kellaway was orphaned at age five and raised by wealthy cousins who never allowed her to forget their charity. When the son of a powerful London family marries her, a new world opens up. Ellen continues to have bad dreams about the image of an unfamiliar room, a door opening and a dreadful presence.

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