Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Nowhere to Run by C. J. Box: Joe Pickett, exiled to the “warden’s graveyard” in a remote district of southern Wyoming, has one week left before regaining his old job.. On a final horseback patrol, however, a routine citation for unlicensed fishing turns into a deadly confrontation with twin brothers Caleb and Camish Grim, whose anger at the government is downright murderous.

Eight Days To Live by Iris Johansen: Eve Duncan’s adopted daughter, Jane MacGuire, has a successful art show at a Parisian gallery. But a painting titled Guilt has drawn some unwanted attention: the religious cult Sang Noir wants Jane dead.

Deliver Us From Evil by David Baldacci: Evan Waller, outwardly a respectable Canadian businessman but secretly a human trafficker who sells children into prostitution, has expanded into arranging nuclear weapons deals with Islamic fundamentalists.

Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby: Annie strikes up an E-mail correspondence with Duncan's idol Tucker Crowe, a singer/songwriter who has not been heard from in years, and possibilities abound when Tucker, about to release a version of his greatest album, is summoned to England, where Annie lives.

Forty Signs of Rain
by Kim Stanley Robinson: The world is headed toward an environmental crisis as global warming poses a significant threat, but Charlie Quibler has a difficult time convincing a skeptical administration while his wife, Anna, attempts to protect new technology that could solve the problem from getting into the wrong hands.

Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris: Sookie Stackhouse, cursed with the ability to read minds, thinks she has finally gotten lucky when Bill, whose mind is totally blocked from her, comes into her life, but she soon learns that her dream man is a vampire with a bad reputation, and when a murder goes down, she begins to fear for her life.

Miss Julia renews Her Vows by Ann B. Ross: Miss Julia, concerned that her husband Sam has promised to attend marriage enrichment classes led by Dr. Fred Fowler--a man who avidly pursued her years earlier, tries hard to avoid the sessions while at the same time attempting to clear innocent Etta Mae of charges that she attacked husband-hungry widow Francie Pitts.

YA Fiction
This World We Live In by Susan Beth Pheffer: Miranda Evans, her two brothers, and their mother struggle for survival a year after the moon's collision with a meteor altered the climate forever, and while things become more difficult with the arrival of six more people, including her father and stepmother, a new disaster threatens to derail the new lives they have been trying to build.

Diary of a Wimp Kid: The Last Straw by Jeff Kinney: Middle-schooler Greg Heffley nimbly sidesteps his father's attempts to change Greg's wimpy ways until his father threatens to send him to military school.

DVD Nonfiction
Big Cat Challenge: The film portrays the unique hunting skills of each of three big cats in South Africa, where cunning, speed and sheer physical power all play a part.

CDs Fiction
Rainwater by Sandra Brown: In 1934, Ella Barron struggles to keep her Texas boardinghouse afloat despite the financial hardships her neighbors are facing, which leads her to rent a room to the soft-spoken David Rainwater, who shows Ella and her ten-year-old son the true meaning of trust and compassion.

CDs Nonfiction
Almost Astronauts by Tanya Lee Stone: Profiles thirteen women who challenged social norms and government policies to prove they could be exceptional astronauts.

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