Monday, May 3, 2010

Based on the Book

Iron Man 2 is being heavily promoted and is slated to release over the weekend. It is sure to have some big numbers and capture the attention of both adult and juvenile audiences.

If you have a "reluctant" reader, this is the perfect opportunity to bring him or her into the library to check out our Iron Man Comic Books. Who knows - Iron Man today could turn into War and Peace tomorrow. We have four titles available, and even though they are all currently checked out, we can certainly place them on hold. The availabe titles are Iron Man: The Creeping Doom, Iron Man: Enter the Dragon, Iron Man: Hostile Take Over, and Iron Man, Heart of Steel.

I myself am a fan of the graphic novel. I read them every once in a while for a quick paced read, and they are certainly popular among our juvenile and teen crowd. The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books are great examples of graphic novels for the younger crowd; however, we also have titles in the YA section that deal with more serious topics like abuse and suicide. For more information on this growing genre, click the links below:
Here are some FAQs about Graphic Novels and Comic Books
Click here for an article on engaging reluctant readers with Graphic Novels
Library Journal's list of recommended Graphic Novels for reluctant readers

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