Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Night and Day by Robert B. Parker: Police chief Jesse Stone, dealing with a junior high school principal who conducted a surprise inspection of female students' underwear before a dance, investigates the crimes of a peeping Tom who breaks into the homes of his victims and forces them to strip at gunpoint.

Terminal Freeze by Lincoln Child: When paleoecologist Evan Marshall and his small group of scientists discover a large, ancient animal encased in ice two hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle, the media threatens to reveal the creature on television, despite warnings from Native Americans that a mythic killing machine maybe released.

Irish Tweed by Andrew M. Greeley: Nuala Anne McGrail, a problem-solver from Connemara, warns her loyal husband, Dermot Coyne, that some evil looms over their family, and when the Coynes' nanny's suitor is brutally attacked, old feuds and new-world politics are brought into focus.

The Jesus Chronicles: Luke's Story by Tim LaHaye: An apocalyptic novel that examines the life and ministry of Jesus through the life story of the Gospel writer, Luke.

Any Place I Hang My Hat by Susan Isaacs: Political reporter Amy Lincoln searches for the mother who abandoned her when she was just a baby, and along the way discovers the importance of family and just how much her mother's abandonment impacted her life.

Corsair by Clive Cussler: The 6th Oregon novel and adventure of a dilapidated ship with sophisticated equipment and a rakish, one-legged captain, Juan Cabrillo. Corsairs are pirates and come in many varieties. When the U. S. Secretary's plane crashes the Oregon is sent to search for it and the passengers. Then he must stop the terrorist who wants to change the summit plans.

Cream Puff Murder by Joanne Fluke: Baker owner and part-time sleuth, Hannah Swensen, investigates the murder of beautiful fitness instructor, Ronni Ward, while trying to clear the name of her detective friend, Mike Kingston.

The Everything Heatlth Guide to Migraines by Paula Ford-Martin: Information about symptoms, coping methods, medicinal and natural treatment options, identify the different types of migraines, myths and misconception, and more.

The Autism Answer Book by William Stillman: In a time when parents are overwhelmed with confusing, and often conflicting, information, The Autism Answer Book provides them clear and confident counsel by providing straightforward answers to their most pressing questions.

The Perfect Insult For Every Occasion by A.C. Kemp: Sometimes a well-spoken insult is the proper response -- use language and zingers to your advantage. Essential advice for gaining the upper hand at school, work, parties, reunions and defend yourself against know-it-alls, answer rude questions in an equally rude manner, deliver impeccable insults, master put-downs.

"Then Osborne Said to Rozier" The Best Nebraska Cornhusker Stories Ever Told by Steve Richardson: Chronicles more than four decades of the greatest Nebraska football stories as told by coaches, players and fans--from the growth of Memorial Stadium under Bob Devaney to the tumultuous tenure of Bill Callahan.

Famous Firearms of the Old West by Hal Herring: Follows the life stories of a pistols and rifles instrumental in shaping America's history, including the lives of the shooters themselves, which provides a natural history of individual guns and a vivid portrait of famous western characters, paired with the guns that helped make them famous or infamous.

The Golden Warrior: The Life and Legend of Lawrence Arabia by Lawrence James: A study of one of the twentieth century's most remarkable figures, T. E. Lawrence. He was involved in the Middle Eastern anti-imperialist movement and wrote about his experiences, and became an advisor to Winston Churchill.

A Soldier's Best Friend by John C. Burnam: An affecting testimonial to the bond between American soldiers in Vietnam and their canine helpers, veteran John C. Burnam’s account of his tenure as a scout dog handler patrolling the jungles of Vietnam with his German shepherd, Clipper, at his side.

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