Tuesday, January 27, 2009


DEADLY HARVEST by Heather Graham: When a young woman is found dead in a field, dressed up as a scarecrow with a slashed grin and a broken neck, the residents of Salem, Massachusetts, begin to fear that the infamous Harvest Man is more than just a rumor.

YOUR HEART BELONGS TO ME by Dean Koontz: Internet entrepreneur Ryan Perry, diagnosed with incurable cardiomyopathy, is lucky to receive a heart transplant in time to save his life, and things are just starting to return to normal when he begins receiving unmarked gifts and messages from a stalker who claims the heart is hers.

CRUEL INTENT by J.A. Jance: Former television journalist Ali Reynolds tries to defend her contractor Brian when he is named a prime suspect in his wife's murder and in the process uncovers a sadistic killer who finds his prey by hacking into a dating sight for housewives looking for a sexual relationship with married men.

THE PRIVATE PATIENT by P. D. James: Adam Dalgliesh, a charismatic police commander, investigates the case of Rhoda Gradwyn, a forty-seven-year-old journalist murdered after a visit to the plastic surgeon to remove an old scar, and discovers a tangled web of motives and strange suspects centered on life around Cheverell Manor.

A DEADLY SILVER SEA by Bob Morris: The Royal Star, the most exclusive cruise ship in the world, is leaving Miami with many notable and wealthy passengers. Gunmen take over and kill most of the officers and sequester passengers. Zack and Barbara, who is 8 months pregnant, are separated. Without knowing the motive of the gunmen, Zack must figure out a way to stop them and keep himself and his wife alive.

THE FOURTH TIME IS MURDER by Steven F. Havill: Undersheriff Estelle is as busy as ever. The sheriff is still not recovered from his stint in the hospital and she is recovering from a hospital stay herself. She almost reaches home when her cell phone rings and a truck has gone off the road. There are more questions than answers.

ODD GIRL OUT by Timothy Zahn: Frank Compton, employed as a sort of intergalactic detective for the mysterious alien Spiders, working to thwart the Modhri, a group-mind intent on infecting Earth, suspects that the Modhri are the source of all his troubles when a young woman who had demanded his help in finding her ten-year-old sister is later found dead--killed with his own gun.

2008 EDITION BEST EDITORIAL CARTOONS OF THE YEAR by Charles Brooks: Reprints over four hundred American editorial cartoons from the year 2007, covering the Bush administration, immigration, the economy, foreign affairs, entertainment, sports, and more.

THE ART OF THE FAMILY TREE by Jenn Mason: Contains ideas and instructions for using paper, fabric, and collage to turn family trees into works of art.

THE OFFICIAL PRECIOUS MOMENTS COLLECTOR’S GUIDE TO FIGURINES by John Bomm: With more than 2,300 bisque figurines presented and including current as well as retired pieces, this book is undoubtedly the most comprehensive, official guide to Precious Moments figurines on the market.

THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO DIY PROJECTS FOR LUXURIOUS LIVING by Jerri Farris: A custom wine cellar with bistro seating; an elegant den with built-in library walls; an electric steam-room in the master bath; a billiards room with a fun, retro wet bar; a custom closet as big as a bedroom, homeowners dream of the special features that set a home apart and make it extraordinary.

HARD TWIST WESTERN RANCH WOMEN by Barbara Van Cleve: Photographs that show the women of the contemporary western ranch mostly at work in the fields, but also at home with the family and in the ranch office.

GOLDEN EAGLE by Floyd Scholz: This book presents a behind-the-scenes look at how Floyd Scholz creates one of his most ambitious pieces-a life-size golden eagle in flight. Beautiful color photos document the carving's progression from a block of wood to a finished work of art. The accompanying text offers how-to information as well as Scholz's thoughts as he works on the carving.

GUNSMITHING WITH SIMPLE HAND TOOLS by Andrew Dubino: Information on planning a workshop and acquiring basic tools, repairing and improving firearms, metals, files, abrasives, small parts, and how to blue and polish a gun.

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