Tuesday, January 20, 2009



I BET I WON’T FRET by Timothy A. Sisemore: Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is one of the most common anxiety disorders in children. It causes intense worry and anxiety that can disrupt emotional, academic, and social development. The good news is that GAD is highly treatable and children can be taught to manage and even overcome it.
WHAT COLOR IS YOUR PARACHUTE 2009 by Richard Nelson Bolles: Offers advice to job hunters and career changers on how to find their dream job, including tips on writing resumes, conducting online job searches, starting a business, making contacts, interviewing, and negotiating salaries.
NOLO’S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF EVERY LAW: Presents information, guidance, and lists of further resources on law related to houses, the workplace, patents, copyright, money, cars, and numerous other subjects.
NEBRASKA’S COWBOY TRAIL by Keith Terry: The "Cowboy Line" follows the Chicago and Northwestern railroad and will become the longest rail-to-trail conversion in the nation. This guide covers information for hikers, bikers, and horsemen with accommodations, history, ecology and pointers for food, lodging, and camping.
NO JOB? NO PROB! By Nicholas Nigro: Offers valuable tips and timely resources for landing your next job, plus advice and possibilities to weather the storm of unemployment and thrive.
ON THE DIVIDE by David Porter: On the Divide analyzes the iconic image that Cather helped develop for herself, in contrast to the anonymous face she adopted for promotional activities and the very different private self she shared only with friends and family.
THE LOKATA GHOST DANCE OF 1890 by Rani-Henrik Andersson: Uses for the first time some accounts translated from Lakota. This book presents these Indian accounts together with the views and observations of Indian agents, the U.S. Army, missionaries, the mainstream press, and Congress.
MAYOR HELEN BOOSALIS by Beth Boosalis Davis: The story of Helen Boosalis is the story of American democracy at its best-a daughter of Greek immigrants who became one of the nation's best mayors and barely missed becoming the governor of Nebraska.
KIOWA HUMANITY AND THE INVASION OF THE STATE by Jacki Thompson Rand: Illuminates the ways in which Kiowas on the southern plains dealt with the U.S. government’s efforts to control them after they were forced onto a reservation by an 1867 treaty.
THE ULTIMATE FIELD GUIDE TO PHOTOGRAPHY: Offers advice from fifty professional "National Geographic" photographers on how to take great pictures using film or digital cameras, looking at different types of cameras and accessories, and describing beginning and advanced techniques.
GIVE ME EIGHTY MEN by Shannon D. Smith: The story of what has become popularly known as the Fetterman Fight, near Fort Phil Kearney in present-day Wyoming in 1866, is based entirely on this infamous declaration attributed to Capt. William J. Fetterman.
THE LONG EMERGENCY by James Howard Kunstler: Presents an examination of the United States dependency on cheap fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas, describes its diminishing supply, and forecasts a grim scenario for the future that includes a regression back to local economy and a downsizing of everyday life activities.
CONSUMER GUIDE TO HOME ENERGY SAVINGS by Jennifer Thorne Amann: A guide through the confusing process of improving your home's energy use with readable and clear illustrations.
GOING GREEN by Sally Kneidel: Provides information on sustainable living, discussing energy-efficient and clean transportation, housing, land use, food, and clothing.

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