Tuesday, January 6, 2009


REFERENCE BOOKS (Not available for check out but may be used in the library)
THE COPYRIGHT HANDBOOK by Stephen Fishman: Provides practical copyright formation for writers, covering such topics as registration, notice, errors and omissions, limitations, transfer of ownership, duration, infringement, derivative works, compilations, works for hire, jointly authored works, and electronic publishing, and includes a CD-ROM with sample forms and other tools.

AMERICAN INDIANS AND STATE LAW by Deborah a Rosen: Examines the history of state and territorial policies, laws, and judicial decisions pertaining to Native Americans from 1790 to 1880. Belying the common assumption that Indian policy and regulation in the United States were exclusively within the federal government’s domain, the book reveals how states and territories extended their legislative and judicial authority over American Indians during this period.

THE SCIENCE BOOK EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE WORLD AND HOW IT WORKS: Natural phenomena, revolutionary inventions, and the most up-to-date investigations are explained in detailed text, and 2,000 vivid illustrations—including 3-D graphics and pictograms—make the information even more accessible and amazing to discover.

LEGAL FORMS FOR STARTING & RUNNING A SMALL BUSINESS by Fred Steingold: Contains a comprehensive guide for starting and running a small business and includes instructions, forms, and a CD-ROM to assist in preparing contracts, hiring employees and consultants, prepare corporate bylaws, lease, buy, or sell property, and borrowing or lending money.

101 LAW FORMS FOR PERSONAL USE by Ralph Warner: Provides more than a hundred legal forms for estate planning, buying a house, dealing with junk mail and telemarketing calls, settling legal disputes, and several other issues, explains their use, and includes them on a CD-ROM.

EVERY LANDLORD’S LEGAL GUIDE by Marcia Stewart: An examination of the legal issues that confront landlords of residential real property. In 17 chapters, it covers such topics as rent, discrimination, working with property managers, landlord liability, tenants, privacy rights, and security deposits.

BONES by Jonathon Kellerman: When Milo Sturgis, homicide detective, encounters a case that involves a sinister killer, he calls in psychologist Alex Delaware to help investigate the murder of several prostitutes and a musician, and the two have trouble coming up with an easy answer as deeper and darker clues arise.

FOUNDATION by Mercedes Lackey: When thirteen-year-old orphan Magpie is saved from a life of slavery in the gem mines and chosen to be trained as a Herald at the Collegium, he discovers her hidden talents and a world of political turmoil.

WHERE SERPENTS SLEEP by C. S. Harris: Sebastian St. Cyr joins forces with Hero Jarvis, the daughter of his sworn enemy, to investigate the brutal murders of eight young prostitutes, and together they unravel a web of lies, deception, and scandal that leads them to a dangerous killer and a powerful secret.

MURDER INSIDE THE BELTWAY by Margaret Truman: After discovering a link between the homicide of Washington D.C. call girl Rosalie Curzon and the kidnapping of the daughter of politician Robert Colgate's closest friend, Detective Mary Hall and rookie police officer Matthew Jackson race to find the killer in question before he acts again.

DIVINE JUSTICE by David Baldacci: Former CIA assassin Oliver Stone, having assassinated the two men who were responsible for the death of his wife and being hunted by friends and enemies, finds himself embroiled in the secrets of a small Virginia mining town and falling for a widow.

SALVATION IN DEATH by J. D. Robb: In the year 2060, Detective Lieutenant Eve Dallas investigates the murder of Father Miguel Flores and uncovers shocking secrets about the man's past that suggest the beloved priest is not the man his parishioners thought.

CROSS COUNTRY by James Patterson: Alex Cross' investigation of the worst murder scene he has encountered leads him on a chase to Africa to catch a warlord named Tiger.

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