Friday, January 2, 2009


I'm a little late posting the bookworm. Sickness has been making its way around the library, and I have been out sick with the flu :-( But I am glad to be back and out of house, so I have a few posts for you today to get you through the weekend.

DYING FOR REVENGE by Eric Jerome Dickey: Gideon is a hit man who never misses, but when a job goes bad, he could have killed his client -- a cold-blooded woman who is not the city's mayor. And she is out to get him with other assassins.

DARK SUMMER by Iris Johansen: Devon Brady, a dedicated veterinarian working in a makeshift hospital on a canine search and rescue mission, encounters Jude Marrock and his wounded black lab, Ned; Jude gets Devon involved in a deadly game with innocent lives at stake.

QUOFUM by Alan Dean Foster: Captain Boylan and his crew must deliver four scientists to the unknown Quofum, where they discover an illogical, irrational world filled with warring species and unclassifiable life-forms that suggest the planet was created by an unnatural force, and when their spaceship disappears, the crew is left with no means of communication and no way of escaping a killer.

A MCKETTRICK’S CHRISTMAS by Linda Lael Miller: Lizzie McKettrick, taking a train home to spend Christmas with her family and new boyfriend, must rely on her faith and hard work to help passengers when the train is derailed by an avalanche, and begins to question her feelings for her beau when she starts making a connection with Dr. Morgan Shane.

SANTA CLAWED by Rita Mae Brown: The Christmastime cheer is diminished after Mary Minor "Harry" Haristeen and her husband find a dead body in their chosen Christmas tree at The Brothers of Love run tree farm, which turns out to the first in a series of murders that Harry and her feline sleuths are determined to solve.

LEAVING WHISKEY BEND by Dorothy Garlock: Schoolteacher Hallie Wolcott, her friend Pearl Parsons, and their friend Mary leave the lawless town of Whiskey Bend behind, hoping to start a new life, and when violent storms force them to take refuge with rancher Eli Morgan.

A GOOD WOMAN by Danielle Steel: When Annabelle Worthington loses her family due to the sinking of the Titanic; she becomes a medical volunteer at Ellis Island, marries badly, and eventually finds purpose by volunteering in a field hospital during World War I.

MORIARTY by John Gardner: Professor James Moriarty, who survived a struggle with Sherlock Holmes and plans on establishing crime syndicates in the U.S., is called back to London to fight against Sir Jordan Jack Idell, a hoodlum who threatens to overrun Moriarty's criminal society across a large part of Europe.

TOLE PAINTING by Pat Oxenford: In this book, acclaimed painter Pat Oxenford provides guidance on the tools and materials needed to get started, tips on preparing tin for painting, and techniques for pulling the basic strokes that are the foundation for creating designs.

PRESSED FLOWER ART by W. Eugene Burkhart Jr.: Acclaimed artist W. Eugene Burkhart Jr. passes on the craft in this handy, full-color how-to guide, sharing information on tools and materials, detailed step-by-step instructions and photographs.

HEX SIGNS by Ivan E. Hoyt: Ivan Hoyt is one of the most celebrated artisans of hex sign painting, and in this detailed how-to book he shares his knowledge, providing information on tools and detailed step-by-step instructions.

GOD IN THE FOXHOLE by Charles W. Sasser: A collection of true personal accounts in which American soldiers throughout history share how their faith helped them face the horrors of war.

AMERICAN EVE by Paula Uruburu: A biography of the classic model Evelyn Nesbit, discussing her rising stardom in America during the twentieth century and how her husband, Harry K. Thaw, killed her lover, Stanford White, birthing the beginning of the American public's obsession with celebrities and scandal.

ANGELS A TO Z by Evelyn Oliver: Contains alphabetically arranged entries that examine approximately three hundred angel-related topics, including biblical angels, classifications of angels, authors and artists whose work is about angels, fictional angels, and others.

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