Monday, August 2, 2010

And the winner of our trivia contest is . . .

Pam Becker!
You have won a handmade garden stone. It will be ready to be picked up Wednesday afternoon. (I still need to pour it.)

And I want to thank all of you who took the time to participate in this contest. I hope you had as much fun answering the questions as I did finding them :-) Is this something you would like to continue with? I'm thinking of putting together another one this fall.

And here were all of the questions and answers:
1. What percentage of the human brain is made up of water? 77-78% (The source was the University of Washington Biology Dept.)
2. What was the original name for popsicles, and how old was the inventor? They were originally called Epsicles and were invented by an 11 year old boy.
3. What time officially marked the beginning of summer? 7:48 PM
4. What was the name of the girl who was the original model for the Coppertone logo and how old was she when the ads came out? Cheri Brand and she was 3 years old
What actress made her debut starring as the Coppertone Girl in TV commercials? Jodi Foster
5. What do the colors of our flag represent? No one knows for sure because it has never been found in any documents. (This was verified by more than one source.)
6. In the sport of surfing, what does the term "goofy foot" refer to? The surfer’s stance
7. How old is the world's oldest rose and where is it located? 1000 years old, Hildesheim Cathedral in Germany
8. Early explorers used watermelons for what practical traveling accessory? A canteen
9. In china, the discarded skins of cicadas are ground up, placed in tea and given to crying babies in hopes of doing what? Quieting them.
10. Who invented the Ferris Wheel and what was it meant to celebrate? George Ferris and it celebrated the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus
11. What is the highest recorded temperature in the state of Nebraska and what city is "lucky" enough to bear this honor? 118 degrees in Minden

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