Monday, August 23, 2010


Large Print Fiction
The Cowpuncher by Bradford Scott: Huck Brannon’s dream was to have a ranch of his own. When Old Tom, a cowpoke, showed him a scrap that was alleged to be a map to a lost mine full of treasure, Huck decided this might be his only chance to have his dream come true.

Crawlspace by Sarah Graves: Jacobia "Jake" Tiptree, having left her career on Wall Street to remodel a 1823 Federal-style house, continues to struggle with her renovation while also teaming up with her mother-in-law to find her son and a true-crime writer who have disappeared and they believe are the targets of a serial killer.

Flint by Louis L’Amour: Suffering from incurable cancer, Flint heads back to New Mexico to die alone after making it big back East. But when all-out range war erupts, Flint chooses to help Nancy Kerrigan, a local rancher, save her ranch using his cash, his connections and his gun.

Ghost Legion by Johnny D. Boggs: Trying to escape a brutal husband, Marty McKindrict disguises herself as a man and joins the Patriot cause. Meanwhile, Stuart Brodie, a freedman, joins the Loyalists after his brother is lynched by a gang of Patriot renegades. In the heat of the American Revolution, fate will bring the two together in a bloody climax.

The House on Sugar Plum Lane by Judy Duarte: When Amy Masterson finds the Victorian house that belongs to her great-grandmother; she's surprised to discover a run-down building. Amy rents the house, fully furnished, and as she begins cleaning out the debris, she opens a window into the past she knows almost nothing.

The Inn at Angel Island by Thomas Kinkade: Liza Martin arrives on Angel Island to sell the inn she and her brother inherited from their aunt. She wants to quickly return to her busy life, so disposing of the inn is an easy decision. Not to easy is what to do with her unstable career and recent divorce. Once on Angel Island, she begins to doubt her decision.

The Hangman's Row Enquiry by Ann Purser: After moving to an old folk's residence, Ivy Beasley along with her cousin Deirdre and her admirer Roy are recruited by Gus Halfhide to start a detective agency called Enquire Within.

The Guns of Parral by Lauran Paine: A pair of lawmen ride into the town, with the intentions of arresting an old outlaw named Pete Harkness, even though he had not committed a reported crime in nearly 15 years, when people in the area find out who they were looking for, for duo find plenty of trouble.

Death of a Trophy Wife by Laura Levine: Freelance writer Jaine Austen finds herself working to clear the name of her friend Lance, who has been pegged as the murderer of millionaire Marv Cooper's trophy wife, a dreadful diva named Bunny.

Cowboy for a Rainy Afternoon by Stephen Bly: A man looks back on his days spent as a ten-year-old at the Matador Hotel in New Mexico, listening to his grandfather and his friends, who spent their lives as cowboys in the Southwest, tell stories and pass down the way of life and western traditions that were quickly becoming extinct.

The Singing Scorpion by William Colt MacDonald: A gang called the Scorpions loot and kill with abandon until Tucson Smith, a slow-talking and not easily riled man, decides to avenge the death of a loved one who has fallen victim to their murderous ways.

Sean's Reckoning by Sheryl Woods: Fireman Sean Devaney knew love never lasted, so he made sure he'd never be in a position to experience that kind of loss again. But he never counted on meeting Deanna Blackwell, who had just lost everything in a fire.

The Man from Battle Flat by Louis L’Amour: Collected for the first time are completely restored texts of three of Louis L'Amour's finest Western Stories.

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