Monday, July 12, 2010


Large Print Fiction
Ryan's Place by Sherryl Woods: Abandoned by his parents and separated from his four brothers as a youngster, Ryan Devaney never let anyone get too close to him. Then Maggie O'Brien marched into his pub and declared war on the icy fortress around his heart.

The Sacred Valley by Max Brand: Born to white parents, Rusty Sabin was taken prisoner and raised by the Cheyennes, who know him now as Red Hawk, an admired leader and great warrior. After two bags of gold Sabin collected in the sacred valley are stolen by frontiersmen, a bloody confrontation between the settlers and Indians ensues.

Menace in Red Chaps by Eli Colter: The people of Seco Range are shocked when Kurt Quillan turns twenty and becomes a hardened killer. Though he shoots in self defense, he seems to never have a witness. Then Lem Strickland, his foster father, becomes victim number eight. The locals are irate and pursue Kurt, whom they believe is a cold-blooded killer.

Bryant and May on the Loose by Christopher Fowler: The Peculiar Crimes Unit is no more. After years of defying the odds and infuriating their superiors, detectives Arthur Bryant and John May have at last crossed the line. While Bryant takes to his bed, the rest of the team take to the streets looking for new careers, leading one of them to stumble upon a murder.

How to Wash a Cat by Rebecca M. Hale: After Uncle Oscar dies mysteriously and leaves his antique store to his niece, she begins to suspect foul play. In the company of her two cats, she follows a twisted trail of deception that leads all the way back to the days of the Gold Rush.

Fransesca's Kitchen by Peter Pezzelli: When Francesca Campamile's children move away, she feels useless. When she sees a want ad for a part-time nanny and begins working for Loretta Simmons, it is time for Francesca to work her magic and the best place to start is in the kitchen.

Riders of Deathwater Valley by James C. Work: Art Pendragon, owner of the Keystone ranch, has called a special meeting of the ranchers to address the problem of rustling. When the rustlers raid a picnic of women and children and kill a Keystone rider, war is immediately declared.

One of Ours by Willa Cather: Claude Wheeler is alienated from his parents, all but rejected by his wife, and is dissatisfied with farming. It is only when America enters the First World War that Claude finds the purpose he has searched for.

Look Again by Lisa Scottoline: Reporter Ellen Gleeson is stunned when she sees her adopted son Will on a missing child flier, and she is forced to decide whether she is willing to uncover the truth about her son's birth and possibly risk losing him forever.

Savor the Moment: Wedding cake baker Laurel McBane is surrounded by romance working a wedding planning company with her three best friends, but she's too low key to appreciate all the luxuries that her clients seem to long for. What she does appreciate is Delaney, her friend's older brother whom she has had a crush on since childhood. She is convinced that the Ivy League lawyer is out of her reach.

Return to Promise by Debbie Macomber: Life was everything Cal and Jane Patterson could dream of, until their marriage begins to fall apart with the help of a young woman who has her sights on Cal. The couple separates and Jane returns to her childhood home in California, forcing both Cal and herself to confront what they really want in life.

Dark Fire by Elizabeth Lowell: Cynthia hires survival specialist Trace Rawlings to accompany her on her trip to Ecuador at her father's insistence, and though she finds him rude, demanding, and egotistical, she soon discovers he is all the man she needs.

Murders on Elderberry Road by Sally Goldenbaum: Writer, quilter and nurturer of the Queen Bees quilting group Portia "Po" Paltrow jogged toward the shops along Elderberry Road. It was a peaceful morning until a cat's shrill cry tipped her off to the body lying just inside the quilt shop.

Noelle by Diana Palmer: Orphan Noelle Brown finds herself in the midst of high-society after her charming Benefactor, Andrew Paige, welcomes her into his home. But her passions are torn between Andrew and his wild Stepbrother, Jared Dunn.

Bonner's Stallion by T.V. Olsen: Bonner's life was about to get a lot harder. He had already lost his woman, and he was about to lose his son and his mountain ranch to a rich and powerful enemy. It was right about the same time that El Diablo Rojo - the feared and hated rogue stallion - came back into Bonner's life.

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