Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I hope everyone had a wonderful, fun-filled Fourth of July! Below are some of our newer titles, so be sure to stop in and pick up some reading material for the coming week. We also placed a nice, big order for new books, which will hopefully be hitting the shelves later this week sometime. As soon as they come in we'll be working hard to get them out on the floor :-)

Invisible by Lorena McCourtney: Ivy Malone puts her investigative skills to good use after someone begins vandalizing the local cemetery, but her failure to turn up any solid clues leads her into a dangerous situation that threatens her safety.

The Scent of Rain and Lightning by Nancy Pickard: When Jody Linder realizes that Billy Crosby, the neighbor who was convicted of killing her father, is slated to be released from prison, she doesn't expect the heated exchanges with Collin, Bill Crosby's son, or the discovery that underneath their antagonism is a shared sense of loss that no one else could possibly understand.

A Hopeless Romantic by Harriet Evans: Hopeless romantic Laura Foster heads on vacation with her parents after her latest relationship ends in the near destruction of her entire life, and she hopes the trip will offer her a distraction from romance, until she meets a handsome estate manager who forces her to rethink her new position on love.

Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah: Kate Mularkey is thrilled when Tully Hart moves in across the street, and the two form an immediate friendship that remains strong through the next thirty years, until one act of betrayal threatens to destroy both their lives and the friendship that has seen them through life's highs and lows.

Hannah's List by Debbie Macomber: Hannah Everett dies at an early age and leaves behind a letter for her husband to open on the first anniversary of her death that provides the names of three possible choices for a second wife.

Emily Ever After by Anne Dayton: Emily Hinton moves from her small hometown to Manhattan where she lands a job at a publishing house and attracts the attention of Bennett, but she soon finds herself struggling to balance her desire for an exciting life, and her need to uphold her moral standards.

Storm Prey by John Sandford: Lucas Davenport's wife, surgeon Weather Karkinnen, becomes a key witness when the getaway car from a botched robbery almost collides with her, making Weather a target for the criminals, who will stop at nothing to keep her quiet, leaving Lucas to protect his wife and solve the case before he loses everything.

Undoing Depression by Richard O’Connor: The book teaches us how to replace depressive patterns with a new and more effective set of skills.

Windmills of the West by David R. Stoecklein: The book traces the important heritage of the windmill throughout the western states and old Mexico. His images are accompanied by a brief history of windmills and quotations.

Understanding Your Suicide Grief by Alan D. Wolfelt: Using the metaphor of the wilderness, the book introduces 10 touchstones to assist the survivor in this naturally complicated and particularly painful journey.

Tennis Strokes and Tactics by John Littleford: The book shows skills demonstrated visually from five angles, the 360 degree view show how to accurately position your feet, body ad racket so you can adopt the correct stance.

Cowgirls: The West was populated with strong-willed women who worked and played as men did in the saddles of their favorite bucking broncos -- women whose sacrifices, hard work, and can-do attitude helped build a nation.

How To Start a Home Based Conulting Business by Bert Holtje: The book contains everything one needs to know to set themselves up as a home-based consultant, create a demand for their services, and make money.

The Real History of the Cold War by Alan Axelrod: This book strips away layers of myth and propaganda to give a clear, concise account of the globe-spanning conflict that left its mark on the world of today.

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