Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Staff Recommendations

Over the next few day, I will be posting some staff reading recommendations. I also plan on having another trivia contest throughout the month of March, so be on the lookout for that as well.

Here are a few books I have recently read that I would highly recommend:

Chuck Palahniuk is one of my favorite contemporary authors. His writing is style is uniquely his own and I have never read one of his books that I didn't enjoy. Characters include a jaded journalist, a hippie new age psychic witch and her consumer terrorist boyfriend, and a real estate agent who makes her money selling and reselling known haunted houses. The quirky group are on the hunt to remove all known copies of an African Culling song that has the power to kill any person it is read to from bookstores and libraries throughout the country, and each character is joining in the search for their own reasons. It is a very engaging and darkly humorous novel. Available for checkout at FIC PAL

The classic novel The Light in the Forest by Conrad Richter is a short yet engrossing novel about a young white who was kidnapped and raised by Indians during the colonial times. He is forced by white settlers to rejoin white society, yet his cultural identity and his heart remains true to his Native upbringing. The boy, whose Native name is True Son, fights to rejoin his Native family. The story is heartbreaking and beautiful. Available for checkout at YA RIC as a book and AB FIC RIC as a book on cassette.

Check back tomorrow for more staff recommendations!

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