Thursday, February 11, 2010

Paige Recommendation

Sean is currently reading The 13&1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear: being the demibiography of a seagoing bear with numerous illustrations and excerpts from the Encyclopaedia of the marvels, life forms and other phenomena of Zamonia and its environs by Professor Abdullah Nightingale by Walter Moers, and he would like to recommend the book to you, our patrons. Of the book he says "I like it because I like the writing style. It's like a cartoon, only a cartoon made with words."

I have also read a portion of the book and it is quite humorous as well as insightful. It is the story of the 13 & 1/2 lives of a blue bear whose very first memories are of floating in the ocean in a walnut shell and being rescued by a boat of Mini Pirates, whom are a mere six inches tall. Inevitably, Bluebear outgrows the ship, at which point he embarks on his remaining 12&1/2 lives, during which he encounters a number of colorful characters. It reminds me a little of the Douglas Adams' cult classic Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy books. The book can currently be found on the new cart under FIC MOE and is recommended for anyone looking to try something new.

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