Monday, November 16, 2009

Based on the Book

Well, I guess it's a no brainer that I will be featuring New Moon on based on the book today, since the much anticipated Twilight sequel is hitting theatres this Friday. As I was cataloging the new magazines this morning, I found an article that chronicles the success of the Twilight Series and the making of the movies. It was interesting to discover that the first Twilight movie had a $37 million budget, which is relatively small. I think it was before the whole "Twilight Mania" had settled in, though, and I have a feeling that the budget for the sequel was quite a bit larger. So, stop on in and check out the book before hitting the theatre this weekend. If you've already read it, check the book out again to brush up on all the little details :-)

Click here to read Time Magazine's article It's Twilight in America

Here's a Time 10 Questions interview with Stehpanie Meyers

And here's the trailer:

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