Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May 27, 2008 Book Worm


May 27, 2008


RIVER OF HEAVEN by Lee Martin: On an April evening in 1955 Dewey died on the railroad tracks outside Mt. Gilead and no one knows why. But two brothers, one a recluse and one returning home from exile must finally come to the truth. It is about the high cost of living a lie, the chains that bind us, and obligations.

THE GERMAN BRIDE by Joanna Hershon: Eva Frank has an affair with the man who painted her portrait, but there are many consequences. So when Abraham, an ambitious merchant returns to Germany from America, she hastily marries him. She travels to Santa Fe and settles into a good life, but her past will come back to threaten her safety and force her to make a fateful decision.

HOLD TIGHT by Harlan Coben: Tia and Mike Baye never imagined they’d become the type of overprotective parents who spy on their kids. But their sixteen-year-old son Adam has been unusually distant lately, and after the suicide of his classmate Spencer Hill they can’t help but worry.

DELUSION by Peter Abrahams: Twenty years ago Nell Jarreau witnessed the murder of her boyfriend. Her testimony put a man behind bars and led her to her husband, Clay, the detective who solved the case. They've been happy ever since but then one phone call changes everything.

THE DARK SIDE by Andrew Gross: An explosion rips through New York City's Grand Central Station one morning, destroying the train Karen Friedman's husband, is riding in to work. On that same day, a hit-and-run accident leaves a man dead in Karen's hometown. Ty Hauck, a detective, becomes caught up in the case and finds a clue that connects the two seemingly unrelated events.

SIMPLY PERFECT by Mary Balogh: Claudia Martin, owner and headmistress of Miss Martin's School for Girls, is tempted to give up her life of propriety when she falls for Joseph, Marquess of Attingsborough, who returns Claudia's affections, despite knowing they can never have a future together.

THE PRAIRIE GRASS MURDERS by Patricia Stoltey: Sylvia Thorn, a circuit court judge returns home when her brother is confined to a county hospital for a psychiatric evaluation after finding a dead body. The case gets more involved as Sylvia helps her brother and the sheriff, her former boyfriend. She returns to Florida only to find she has been followed and there is more mystery to solve.


THE PLACE TO BE WASHINGTON, CBS, AND THE GLORY DAYS OF TELEVISION by Roger Mudd: Former CBS news anchor, Roger Mudd presents a behind-the-scenes portrait of the personalities and drama of CBS news during his early reporting years including the civil rights movement, the Kennedy era, stories about the politicians and bureaucrats, and the Nixon White House.

THE SUGAR FIX THE HIGH-FRUCTOSE FALLOUT THAT IS MAKING YOU FAT AND SICK by Richard J. Johnson, MD: Dr. Johnson has been tracking the health implications of fructose and high-fructose corn syrup and reveals these sweeteners are feeding our nation's obesity epidemic, suppressing the mechanisms involved in appetite, and wreak havoc on our health. He exposes the hidden health dangers and offers a real solution.

TWILIGHT AT MONTICELLO THE FINAL YEARS OF THOMAS JEFFERSON by Alan Pell Crawford: An exploration of Thomas Jefferson's post-presidential life that discusses his correspondences with John Adams and other dignitaries, illness, debt, family conflicts, role in politics, and more.

SLIM & SEXY FOREVER by Suzanne Somers: This program is specifically designed for dealing with weight loss in the second half of life.

YES, YOU CAN STILL RETIRE COMFORTABLY by Ben Stein: Offers baby boomers practical advice on how they can deal with retirement, outlining the steps that need to be taken to assure they will have enough money to retire, despite the current Social Security crisis, limited pension plans, and inadequate personal savings.

WHEN MEN BECOME GODS by Stephen Singular: Reveals the life and tyrannical rule of Warren Jeffs, a Mormon prophet, after he was hunted for two years and arrested in 2007. The author traces Jeffs rise to power and the concerted effort that led to his downfall; and a glimpse into the bizarre tradition that is almost a century old, but that has only now been exposed.

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