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June 3, 2008 Book Worm


June 3, 2008

SOUTH OF SHILOH by Chuck Logan: A sniper is using war re-enactments to hide his killing. Jenny Edin finds out that the bullet that killed her husband was meant for the guy next to him. She enlists the aid of a former lover and news photographer, who heads off to the Shiloh battlefield and a showdown with a killer.

SANTA FE DEAD by Stuart Woods: Trial lawyer, Ed Eagle is testifying for the prosecution in the trial of his ex-wife, Barbara who has been very bad. The trial ends with Barbara still able to make everyone's life miserable. Ed uses private detectives and calls in every favor to leave no stone unturned to discover the truth about Barbara and settle the score.

THE WHOLE TRUTH by David Baldacci: Matt Pender and Saul Bergman are two men hired by Richard Jansen to increase his company’s riches by manipulating world conflicts. These two are about to collide head-on with journalist Katie James and Shaw, a man who travels the world trying to keep peace.

DEGREES OF SEPERATION by Sue Henry: Jessie Arnold begins training for the Iditatod after recovering form knee surgery. Her first run is good until she runs over a dead body and very close to her home.

THE DEATH DEALER by Heather Graham: Genevieve O'Brien enlists the help of private investigator Joe Connolly, who had recently saved her from a killer and for whom she has romantic feelings, to solve a series of murders in which the victims were all fans of Edgar Allan Poe.

LOST SOULS by Lisa Jackson: Aspiring crime writer Kristi Bentz, having already survived two run-ins with serial killers, enrolls at All Saints College in New Orleans to investigate the disappearances of four girls, all of whom had been enrolled in a popular class on vampirism, and finds she has once again been targeted by a killer and has completely underestimated her enemy.

THE SILENT BLADE by R.A. Salvatore: Drizzi and his companions set out to destroy the evil artifact Crenshinibon, while Wulfgar struggles to overcome the horrors of his imprisonment, and assassin Artemis Entreri returns to the streets of Calimport.


STANDING AT ARMAGEDDON by Nell Irvin Painter: A history of America's age of industrialization focusing on labor and politics from 1877 to 1919.

WHAT LIFE WAS LIKE AMID SPLENDOR AND INTRIGUE: Illustrations and text combine to examine the lives, achievements, and struggles of the Byzantines; covering a period that begins with the establishment of the capital city of Constantinople in A.D. 330, and continuing through its fall to the Turks in 1453.

FLYING RADIO-CONT ROLLED MODEL AIRCRAFT by Colin Bedson: This book will make learning to fly as easy as it can be.

TALES BEHIND THE TOMBSTONES: THE DEATHS AND BURIALS OF THE OLD WEST NEFERIOUS OUTLAWS, NOTORIOUS WOMEN, AND CELEBRATED LAWMEN by Chris Enss: Simple stones, roadside crosses and grand monuments commemorate the lives of those ordinary citizens and unusual characters who tamed the West and exemplified myths.

NEVER SMOKE AGAIN THE TOP 10 WAYS TO STOP SMOKING NOW & FOREVER by Grant Copper, MD: Takes a look at cigarettes, why you smoke them, how they keep you coming back for more, and how they keep you coming back for more.

SOUTH DAKOTA CURIOSITIES by Bernie Hunhoff: A guide to the offbeat attractions and places you never knew existed in South Dakota.

BIKER’S HANDBOOK BECOMING PART OF THE MOTORCYCLE CULTURE by Jay Barbieri: The first book to offer the novice biker a clear guide to the biker life. Jay defines authenticity, includes tales from the road, his insider's perspective and the lessons he's learned the hard way.

CORONARY HEART DISEASE by Barry M. Cohen MD: Provides information on coronary heart disease, the causes, how to improve health, cholesterol, medical tests, and surgery. Contains information for patients to easily understand, addressing common concerns and questions of diagnosis and treatment.

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