Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May 13, 2008 Book Worm

May 13, 2008

CHANGE OF HEART by Jodi Picoult: June Nealon has everything she wants and it is taken away from her. Shay Bourne has never had anything and doesn't expect it, but his salvation lies with June's daughter, Claire. Father Michael wants to devote his life to God, but after he meets Shay, he questions everything.

THE ANCIENT by R.A. Salvatore: Bransen Garibond, in search of his father, journeys to the land of Vanguard, where he plays a central role in a war against the cruel leader Ancient Bradden.

THE KILLERS WIFE by Bill Floyd: Leigh Wren, having changed her name and her life after testifying against her husband in his murder trial, is horrified when the father of one of his victims tracks her down and exposes her to her North Carolina community, and places her and her young son in danger from yet another killer.

CURSE OF THE SPELLMANS by Lisa Lutz: Izzy Spellman, an employee at her family's private investigation firm, becomes convinced that her neighbor is hiding a dark secret, and is willing to lose her license to find out what it is.

MOTHER by Linda Ann Rentschler: Mary Sullivan has a sudden grieving episode when she hears her dead mother's voice in a Luncheonette. She is comforted there by a young stranger named Cathy. Later that night, Cathy unexpectedly arrives on Mary's doorstep, devastated by her own mother's death in a car accident.

QUICKSAND by Iris Johansen: A madman is luring Eve Duncan back into the horrifying days when her only daughter disappeared without a trace. But taunting Eve might be his first and last mistake, for Eve has help in the form of Navy SEAL Joe Quinn and the skills of another woman who want to bring this monster to justice.

CITY OF GLORY by Beverly Swerling: In 1812, war hero and surgeon Patrick Turner retreats from society after losing his hand and hopes to make his fortune in the China trade, but in order to succeed, he must run the British blockade or risk losing both his livelihood and the woman he loves.

THE WILDE WOMEN by Paula Wall: Pearl Wilde leaves Five Points, Tennessee, in 1929 after walking in on her fiancé in a clinch with her sister, Kat, and after traveling the world and sending home a hostile postcard every month, Pearl returns to open a bordello and plan her revenge.

BANK JOB by Steve Brewer: Three amateur robbers do small jobs and bungle the last one and find themselves bloody and knocking on the door of a stranger for help. Vince is retired professional bank robber and when the three force him to rob a bank, he has other ideas.

A LIGHT TO MY PATH by Lynn Austin: Yankees are quickly approaching the South Carolina plantation and Kitty, a house servant, must decide whether to run away to the woods with Grady and the others or continue to serve and protect her master's family.

THE DRAGON’S SON by Margaret Weis: The uneasy relationship between dragons and humans is further exacerbated by the birth of twin sons to a high priestess--one fully human in form but blessed with dragon magic, and one half-man and half-dragon.

ADAM by Ted Dekker: FBI behavioral psychologist Daniel Clark becomes the latest victim of a serial killer known as Eve, and the experience left him clinically dead for twenty minutes, leaving Daniel obsessed with rebuilding those twenty lost minutes, even if it means cheating death once more, in order to track down the killer before another victim suffers.

THE GENIUS by Jesse Kellerman: Ethan Muller struggles to become an art dealer and stumbles onto a once-in-a-life opportunity to obtain an enormous collection by an elderly man. But, after the paintings are sold, the police come looking for Ethan and the artist, Cracke, because the artwork may be evidence to a shady past.

DEATH WALKED IN by Carolyn Hart: Annie and Max Darling are pulled into a murder investigation when the previous owner of the house they are restoring is found dead and they learn the killer believes that hidden inside the Darling's home is a fortune in gold coins.


John said...

Hot news,great work.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Lutz's 'Curse of the Spellmans' is the second in a new series. If you like Crusie, Evanovich type authors, you'll love the Spellmans--Rae is a hoot!
Be sure to start with the first book, 'The Spellman Files'.