Thursday, June 3, 2010

Currently Reading

I am currently reading the book Nation by Terry Pratchett, and it is very enjoyable. Definately one I would recommend! I think it would be a good book club pick, as there is a lot going on that can fuel discussion.

Set in Victorian times, it is the story of a young Islander named Mau who, as he returns from his "quest for manhood", is caught in a giant tidal wave. He survives, but his village does not. His unlikely counterpart is a girl from English Society who is also a lone survivor and has been shipwrecked on Mau's island. The very foundation of their existence, their values, beliefs and rule systems, are brought into question. For instance, the Victorian girl invites Mau to tea after their first meeting, as proper english protocol requires; however, she is worried that they need a chaperone as it would be "unseemly" for the two to meet alone, and given the circumstances, she decides that Captain Roberts, even though he is dead, will have to do.

While the idea of meeting for proper tea with the dead captain as a chaperone after surviving a horrific catasrophe seems absurd and a little humorous, Pratchett continually creates realistic characters and situations throughout the book that help draw the reader into the story. But I won't give away any more details, incase any of you decide you would like to read it :-)

Click here for to find more information concerning Nation by Terry Pratchett, including a Podcast with the author, an excerpt, discussion guides and more!

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