Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Winner of the August Trivia Contest

Before I announce the winner of the trivia contest, I would like to thank those who participated. I hope you will continue to participate in the months to come!

The answers to the five trivia questions are as follows:
1. The word Anne Frank wanted to know the defination of in her last journal entry was contradiction.
2. The winner of the 1959 Fair Queen Contest was Johnna Kettlyhut.
3. The name of the Alfred Hitchcock Presents theme song is "Funeral March of the Marionettes"
4. Tennessee was the 36th state to ratify the 19th Ammendment, giving women the right to vote.
5. The true colors of Judy Garland's dress in the Wizard of Oz were pink and blue. They needed to use a very pale pink, because white would not photograph correctly. (I was finally able to stump some of you!)

And finally . . . the winner of the August trivia contest is . . . Pam!
You can pick your certificate up at the library. We'll have it available for you the morning of September 2nd.
Keep checking in with the blog. I'll be posting the first September question soon!

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