Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Get Real by Donald E. Westlake: John Dortmunder, a seasoned crook, gets a chance at fame and fortune when a television producer decides to make Dortmunder and his gang into a reality show, and while the guys make plans for their next caper under the eye of the camera, Dortmunder and his partner arrange a private scheme on the side.

In the Heart of the Canyon by Elisabeth Hyde: A novel about a rafting trip through the Grand Canyon that changes the lives of everyone on board.

Calling Home by Janna McMahan: When Virginia Lemmon's husband leaves her she is stuck in Kentucky, trying to hold her life together and raise 2 teenagers, Will and Shannon. Shannon wants to break free and Virginia wants to save her from making the same mistakes she made.

Hawkes Harbor by S. E. Hinton: Mental patient Jamie Sommers suffers from depression, partial amnesia, and a fear of the dark, but as Dr. McDevitt continues to try and probe the mind of the boy, Jamie is drawn closer and closer to the ultimate evil that could destroy him.

CDs Fiction
Rough Justice by Jack Higgins: Blake Johnson joins forces with British agent Harry Miller to investigate acts of terrorism in Kosovo, where the duo stop a Russian officer from burning a mosque and set in motion a series of events that impacts world leaders, ordinary citizens, and Blake and Harry.

The Blue Notebook by James A. Blevine: The story of Batuk, an Indian girl who is taken to Mumbai and sold into prostitution by her father. The blue notebook is her diary in which she recalls her childhood, records her life on the Common Street and makes up fantastic tales. The proceeds from this book go to help exploited children.

Surrender by Amanda Quick: Victoria thought herself adept at fending off fortune hunters until she came under siege from Lucas Colebrook, the Earl of Stonevale. After he courted her and wed her, she ended up ensconced in a crumbling mansion deep in the English country side.

Brimstone Robert B. Parker: Everett Hitch and Virgil Cole continue there journey as hired guns and lawmen after they find Allie and rescue her only to lose her to a local church and charismatic leader, Brother Percival. Percival wants money and Allie and stirs up trouble in Brimstone's saloons.

Matters of the Heart by Danielle Steel: Hope is a photographer, has been married and a mother and knows heartbreak. She is not looking for a man or excitement, but these things find her when she goes to London to photograph a famous author.

Black Hills by Nora Roberts: Cooper and Lil met when they were eleven and when Cooper visited his grandparent’s ranch. Each summer their friendship grew stronger and more passionate. Lil began a wildlife refuge and Cooper became a lawyer. Now they are drawn back together to help the people, animals and places that need them.

Hot House Flower by Margot Berwin: Lila is recently divorced and her life is empty until she meets a plant seller named David. Lila stumbles across a Laundromat and is charged with making a cutting of fire fern grow roots to find the secret of the owner's locked room.

Shanghai Girls by Lisa See: Pearl Chin and her sister, May, are having the time of their lives in the wealthy world in Shanghai, until their father gambles away his fortune and must marry them off for money to wealthy American men. As Japanese bombs fall on their city they set out on the journey of a lifetime, adjusting to strangers as husbands and a strange new land.

Finger Lickin' Fifteen by Janet Evanovich: Lulu, having witnessed the murder of a culinary television star, decides to enter a cooking competition in order to try and uncover who the killer is, while Stephanie helps Ranger investigate a series of break-ins and things start to heat up between them, despite her relationship with Officer Joe Morelli's objections.

CDs Nonfiction
Magnificent Destination by Buzz Aldrin: Forty years ago, Buzz Aldrin became the second human to set foot on the moon. This is the rest of this true American Hero's story -- giving the harrowing account of the lunar landing and the ultimate insider's view of life as one of the space program superstars.

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