Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In Memory of Kathie Bixby

The book Like No Other Place: The Sandhills of Nebraska by David A. Owens has been donated to our collection by Jim Cody in memory of Kathie Bixby, who is warmly thanked by the author in his acknowledgements.

Like No Other Place offers a candid and hauntingly beautiful portrait of the Nebraska Sandhills and the families that live and work in their craddle of natural beauty. Mr. Owens spent a number of years living in the Sandhills in order to capture the true essence of a place that he describes as "an area so in and of itself . . . that history and culture and the people who live and work there remain very organic to the place." In his book it is evident that Mr. Owens was able to capture this organic livelihood and breathe life into the pages through the portraits and landscapes of the people who inhabit this uniquely beautiful place full of sky and stars.

Leafing through this book I am reminded of how lucky I am to call this little corner of the world home, and I am grateful there are still places left in America, like the Sandhills, that exist in a near natural state, though they may be too few and far between.

In the acknowledgements, Mr. Owens writes, "I am greatly indebted to Kathie, who, from the very beginning, became a gracious friend, a guide who willingly introduced me to her friends and patiently shared her vast knowledge of the region . . . The memory of her friendship is embedded in every page of this book."

I highly recommend this book to anyone willing to read it. Thank you so much, Mr. Cody, for your thoughtful

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