Thursday, January 14, 2010

Twilight Trivia Contest!

Participate in our Teen Twilight Trivia Contest!

Come into the Alliance Public Library beginning Friday, January 15th through February 11th and fill out one of our trivia question forms. For every question you get right, you will be entered into our contest to win one of several Valentine gifts for you or your "significant other".

The rules are simple:
You may enter once for every question given (there are a total of 20 question.)
A new question will be introduced daily, but you can answer all that are availabe at one time. You have to come to the Alliance Public Library to enter your answers. The questions will be posted on both our facebook page and the library display.

Some of the prizes will include Pizza Hut pizzas, boxes of Valentine candy, and iTunes card!

So, if you think you are a Twilight Saga Guru, come in and show us what you've got! Be careful - you may end up being "bitten" by the love bug!


tresag said...

Do I have to be a teen to enter?

Tiffany said...

Sorry it took me so long to answer . . . I have on hiatus for the past couple of weeks as we have been experiencing some technical difficulties at the library.

The contest is a Teen program, so you have to be a teen to enter and win any of the prizes, but if you would like to try and answer the questions, you sure can. They can be found on our facebook page at