Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Take a cue from Santa and stop in and check out our new Christmas books!

The Christmas List by Richard Paul Evans: When James Kier read the newspaper he found his own obituary in the newspaper, he had no idea what the article was about to set in motion.

A Christmas Promise by Anne Perry: Gracie Phipps and Minnie Maude, having enlisted the help of shop owner Mr. Balthasar, search for Minnie's uncle Alf's donkey and cart, which disappeared after the man was murdered and is believed to hold a golden box, which Mr. Balthasar warns may contain evil.

Home for Christmas by Andrew M. Greeley: Captain Kane, having been a victim in a suicide bombing in Iraq and visited by God during a near-death experience, realizes he was meant to be with his childhood sweetheart and travels home to apologize to her for enlisting in the Army and not giving their love a chance.

Merry, Merry Ghost by Carolyn Hart: Bailey Ruth Raeburn, a spirit on assignment from Wiggins and Heaven's Department of Good Intentions, investigates the murder of a wealthy woman in Oklahoma, just before she was to sign her will over to a young boy, a move that shocked the rest of the family.

Home in Time for Christmas by Heather Graham: Melody Tarleton encounters a man clad in Revolutionary War clothing who claims he is a Patriot soldier sentenced to death by the British; but her friend Mark is skeptical.

A Creed Country Christmas by Linda Lael Miller: Widowed rancher Lincoln Creed, advertising for a governess to his young daughter Gracie, takes in Juliana Mitchell, the displaced teacher at the local Indian school, as well as four of her students, and finds the heart he thought was closed forever opening again to love.

The Gift by Cecelia Ahern: Lou Suffern is inspired by the holiday spirit to help Gabe, a homeless man huddled outside his office, but Lou begins to question his good deed when Gabe starts meddling in his affairs, unaware the kind soul is trying to help Lou understand what truly matters and the precious gift of time.

A Christmas Blizzard by Garrison Keillor: A wealthy and depressed man on his way to Hawaii for the holidays winds up stranded by a blizzard in North Dakota after stopping to visit his ailing uncle, and as he bides his time in the darkened silence after a power outage, he realizes happiness may hinge on a simpler life.

A Blue & Gray Christmas by Joan Medlicott: The ladies of Covington discover a cache of Civil War-era letters and diaries that inspire them to plan a very special Christmas surprise for two families changed by war.

A Wish for Christmas by Thomas Kincaide: David struggles to cope with changes along with the mental and physical traumas he brought home to Cape Light after serving in Iraq; and meanwhile, Lillian Warwick, an independent elderly woman, heals her own heart while caring for an old friend in need, Dr. Ezra Elliot.

Three Wise Cats: a Christmas Story by Harold M. Konstantelos: The old Siamese, Ptolemy, sends three young cats to journey in his place and follow the unusual star and fulfill the prophecy -- "the three finding the one". The fourth traveler is a rat, Asmodeus, who can hear of no glorious thing without wanting to spoil it. After many miles together they were where the star stopped over a humble stable.

A Quilter's Holiday by Jennifer Chiaverini: The Elm Creek Quilters come together the day after Thanksgiving to work on quilt blocks and projects that represent their thankfulness and gratitude and share stories of love, family, and friends.

Wishin' & Hopin': A Christmas Story by Wally Lamb: Fifth Grader Felix Funicello experiences several memorable days prior to Christmas in Three Rivers, Connecticut in 1964.

Simply handmade: 365 Easy Projects For Every Occasion: 365 projects and ideas to celebrate every major holiday and special occasion throughout the year. Projects ranked by level of difficulty, including: Good Ideas, Make in Minutes, and Step-by-Step.

Creative and Thoughtful Gift Giving: Easy Ideas for Making Gifts Special: Special yet simple ways to present gifts in style with suggestions for men, women, and kids, for all occasions, from simple bags to elegant packages to add the personal touch

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