Thursday, October 1, 2009

September Trivia Winner!

Tracy Davis is this month's trivia winner!
The prize is a free 6" sandwich from Subway and a copy of Cormac McCarthy's book The Road. We'll have your prize at the circulation desk.

Here were the questions and answers for September:
1. In what publication did Richard Wright's first story appear? The Jackson Southern Register
2. Tolstoy was the direct descendent of what famous Mongolian? Ghengis Khan
3. Who is considered the father of the constitution? James Madison
4. What was the name of the Fraggle Rock episode that the Fraggle pictured above in the upper left hand corner first appeared (bonus for his name)? The Minstrels & his name is Cantus
5. In the book The Christmas Memory, Buddy, the narrator, has a nameless cousin. The character is based on one of Truman Capote's real life cousins - what was her name? Sook Faulk

I'll be starting the October contest next week :-) Thanks to all who participated!

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