Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Thriller 2: Presents a collection of suspenseful short stories from twenty-three renowned authors, and features selections from Jeffrey Deaver, Lisa Jackson, Ridley Pearson, R. L. Stine, and others.

Heartless by Diana Palmer: Gracie Pendleton is reunited with her stepbrother, Jason, a wealthy rancher whom she had not seen since she was a child, and despite the mutual attraction and love they both feel, a secret in Gracie's past threatens to ruin their happiness.

The Dark Horse by Craig Johnson: Sheriff Walt Longmire investigates a strange case in which a prisoner is accused of killing her husband, Wade Barsad, and when Walt goes undercover; he learns that several people wanted Wade dead.

The Fate of Katherine Carr by Thomas H. Cook: After the disappearance of his son, writer George Gates lost his fascination for places where people had disappeared, until detective Arlo McBride asks Gates for help in investigating the disappearance of Katherine Carr, a woman who vanished twenty years earlier.

Gold of Kings by Davis Bunn: Art and antiquities dealer Storm Syrrell closes up shop and begins a dangerous investigation into the murder of her grandfather, Sean, whose hidden journal reveals he led a much more exciting life behind his public persona as a discreet art broker.

Sisters and Husbands by Connie Briscoe: Thirty-nine-year-old Beverly has finally met the man of her dreams and plans to marry him but sisters Evelyn and Charmaine are having marital problems causing Beverly to question if marriage is worth it after all.

Below Zero by C. J. Box: The possible reappearance of a girl named April, who was believed to have died in the massacre in "Winterkill", raises many questions and red flags in Joe Pickett's family life. Meanwhile a dying mobster named Stenko and a much younger girl are crossing the country to reconcile with his son.

Border Songs by Jim Lynch: Six foot eight and severely dyslexic, Brandon was pushed off the farm and into the Border Patrol in British Columbia. He discovers a large variety of birds, but also finds smugglers hauling pot and some potentially more dangerous illegals.

Burned by David Hagberg: Patty and David Monroe flew to Moscow to repair a business deal gone bad, but their Russian business partners shoot David and kidnap Patty in an attempt to ransom her

The Neighbor by Lisa Gardner: A mother disappears without a trace leaving her daughter as the only witness and the husband as the prime suspect. Detective Sergeant D. D. Warren senses something off about the wholesome normality of the couple. The husband seems more intent on destroying evidence than on searching for his wife.

Summer House by Nancy Thayer: Charlotte Wheelwright runs her organic gardening business on land donated by her spry grandmother Nona, and she tries to work on her people skills while the family, including her mother Helen, worries that she is maneuvering to inherit the homestead.

The Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrews: Lobbyist Dempsey Jo Killebrew, left unemployed after her firm is caught in a political scandal, decides to take her father up on his offer to help him rehab a Victorian home which he recently inherited, and through the obstacles she meets along the way and the relationships she forms with the townspeople, she begins to find true happiness.

Killer Summer by Ridley Pearson: The world's most elite wine connoisseurs are gathering to taste and bid on the world's best wine, especially three historical bottles. Sheriff Walt is responsible for all the security and soon discovers that he is unprepared for the well-planned heist.

Sinner by Ted Dekker: Gifted orators Darcy Lange and Billy Rediger, with the backing of the persuasive Marsuvees Black, convince the government to pass a law banning racial and religious speech and classifying it as hate speech which carries a harsh punishment, and Johnny Drake, a follower of Christ, refuses to allow the new legislation to stand.

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