Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Alexandria by Lindsey Davis: In the first century A.D. in Rome, Marcus Didius Falco works as a private "informer" often for the emperor. When he takes a vacation to Alexandria Egypt, he soon finds himself in the midst of a case involving the Head Librarian of the world-famous library found dead behind locked doors.

Shadows Still Remain by Peter De Jonce: New York Police Department detective Darlene O'Hara risks losing her job when she refuses to believe that the prime suspect in the murder of a college student is guilty and sets out to find the real killer.

The Branch and the Scaffold
by Loren D. Estleman: A fictional account of the life of Judge Isaac Parker, telling how he earned the title of "Hanging Judge of the Border" for his severe judgments during his tenure as the sole law in the territory around Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Return of the Mountain Man by William W. Johnstone: The town of Bury, Idaho was raw and untamed and not for the faint-hearted, but Smoke Jensen was neither. Nor were the outlaws he was after -- the ones who had killed his wife and boy.

The Valentine Legacy by Catherine Coulter: Jessie Warfield and James Wyndham are an unlikely romantic duo in the riding set. James is being pressured to marry her and Jessie is being pressured to leave. She runs away but ends up at James' cousins and is transformed into a stylish and beautiful maiden.

The King James Conspiracy by Phillip DePoy: In 1605, at Cambridge University, one of the translators working on the new Bible is savagely murdered by unknown hands. Help comes from people who are not who they claim to be -- Brother Timon has a secret past and blood on his hands. He is an agent for the forces working to stop the translation itself.

Flinx Transcendent by Alan Dean Foster: Flinx races against time and various obstacles to save the Human Commonwealth from certain destruction, and must face the AAnn, come to terms with the truth about his father, locate an ancient sentient weapons platform, and outwit assassins.

The Increment by David Ignatius: Harry Pappas, chief of Persia House for the CIA, receives intel about the Iranian bomb program from an Iranian scientist, but when the scientist's life is in jeopardy, and the United States government is little help, Pappas is forced to betray America and enlist the aid of a British spy team known as "The Increment."

The Scarecrow by Michael Connelly: Forced out of the "Los Angeles Times" amid the latest budget cuts, newspaperman Jack McEvoy decides to go out with a bang, and uses his final days at the paper to write the definitive murder story of his career.

Whispers of the Dead by Simon Beckett: Forensic anthropologist David Hunter travels from London to a field laboratory in Knoxville, Tennessee, and after he is called to a crime scene in a remote mountain cabin, Hunter begins to search for a serial killer who is knowledgeable about forensics.

Wicked Prey by John Sanford: Lucas Davenport grows increasingly concerned about various potential threats as the Republican convention in St. Paul approaches, and Randy Whitcomb, a pimp and petty thief with a grudge regarding a stray bullet that left him in a wheelchair, plans a way to get revenge by targeting Davenport's fourteen-year-old adopted daughter.

An Honorable German by Charles McCain: Max Brekendorf, a young German
German naval officer, commands a U-Boat in the beginning of World War II, but as the war progresses, Max worries about his fiancée, Mareth, who faces danger while living in Berlin, and Max must make a choice between his own morality and his loyalty to the Reich.

Cemetary Dance by Douglas Preston: FBI special agent Aloysius Pendergast and Lieutenant Vincent D'Agosta think they have an open and shut murder case when they receive footage of the killer leaving the victim's apartment, but things are not so clear when they learn the suspect actually died two weeks before the crime.

Gone Tommorrow by Lee Child: Jack Reacher survives a suicide bombing that claimed the life of Susan Mark, and with the help of a female police officer, Reacher looks for answers about Susan Mark's life, and follows a trail that leads him to Washington, California, and Afghanistan.

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