Monday, June 8, 2009

Based on the Book

We decided at the staff meeting this morning that I should change my name to Blogmaster T. This makes me feel like I should have super powers of somekind or at least wear a cape, but I possess neither so I guess I'll just have to stay plain old Tiffany (at least for now).

And for those of you have commented on the blog when you have come in to the library - thank you so much! It is good to know that there are people on the other end reading my posts :-)

This week's Based on the Book is Bee Season, which has been available on DVD for some time now. We have the novel available for checkout.

"Eliza Naumann, a seemingly unremarkable nine-year-old, expects never to fit into her gifted family: her autodidact father, Saul, absorbed in his study of Jewish mysticism; her brother, Aaron, the vessel of his father's spiritual ambitions; and her brilliant but distant lawyer-mom, Miriam. But when Eliza sweeps her school and district spelling bees in quick succession, Saul takes it as a sign that she is destined for greatness. In this altered reality, Saul inducts her into his hallowed study and lavishes upon her the attention previously reserved for Aaron, who in his displacement embarks upon a lone quest for spiritual fulfillment. When Miriam's secret life triggers a familial explosion, it is Eliza who must order the chaos.

Myla Goldberg's keen eye for detail brings Eliza's journey to three-dimensional life. As she rises from classroom obscurity to the blinding lights and outsized expectations of the National Bee, Eliza's small pains and large joys are finely wrought and deeply felt.

Not merely a coming-of-age story, Goldberg's first novel delicately examines the unraveling fabric of one family. The outcome of this tale is as startling and unconventional as her prose, which wields its metaphors sharply and rings with maturity. The work of a lyrical and gifted storyteller, Bee Season marks the arrival of an extraordinarily talented new writer. "

Below is an interview with Richard Geer on his role in the movie:

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