Tuesday, February 3, 2009


THE SPANISH GAME by Charles Cumming: Alec Milius left the British Secret Intelligence Service 6 years earlier after a great personal cost. but his old life hasn't left him. When a Basque politician goes missing, Milius finds himself embroiled in another conspiracy.

PRINCEP’S FURY by Jim Butcher: Tavi of Calderon has achieved a fragile alliance with the savage Canim. Tavi guides Canim to their lands and they find another enemy and destruction of the land. Tavi and Canim must fight side by side to defeat Void.

THE ARCHBISHOP IN ANDALUSIA by Andrew M. Greeley: Archbishop John Blackwood Ryan travels to Seville, Spain, at the behest of a local cardinal who hopes the priest can avert the violence looming over a family of wealthy aristocrats, while dramatic events unfold back home in Chicago that could change Ryan's life forever.

VULCAN’S FIRE HAROLD COYLE’S STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS by Harold Coyle: Facing financial ruin after taking on too many bad clients, Strategic Solutions, Inc., a private paramilitary company, accepts a contract from the Israeli government to aid Druze militias in southern Lebanon from Hezbollah, but SSI quickly discovers it has been put directly in the middle of an age-old conflict that has the potential to become a real war.

THE CHARLEMAGNE PURSUIT by Steve Berry: Ex-Justice Department agent Cotton Malone searches for answers about his father's mysterious death, supposedly in a submarine in the North Atlantic, and follows clues linked to the Nazis, cryptic journals, and an ancient civilization in Antarctica while Admiral Ramsey plots to become the next leader of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

ARCTIC DRIFT by Clive Cussler: Dirk Pitt sets out on an expedition with his children along the treacherous Northwest Passage to find a silvery mineral, which will prove his theory and link the causes for the sudden deaths in British Columbia and the incidents between the United States and an ally.

THE TREASURE by Iris Johansen: Ben Arnaud wants nothing more than to live a quiet life with the love of his life, Selene Ware. But when Arnaud is summoned by his old master to collect on a promise he made years earlier, he's honor-bound to leave the safety of his home and embark on a journey to steal a priceless treasure.

by Laura Claridge: A biography of American author Emily Post, who wrote novels and a bestselling book about manners called "Etiquette" in the 1920s and advocated for middle-class citizens and immigrants.

THE LAST DROP OPERATION VARSITY MARCH 24-25, 1945 by Stephen L. Wright: Drawing on war diaries, unit histories, after-action reports, and interviews with veterans, Operation Varsity tells it as it was experienced by soldiers in the sky and on the ground, from the horrors of parachuting, flying a glider, and the mental and physical punishment of infantry combat.

GI INGENUITY by James Carafano: Shows how the American soldier improvised, innovated, and adapted on the battlefield. Among the improvisations and technologies covered are tanks equipped with hedgerow cutters, the coordination of air and ground attacks, and the use of radios and aircraft to direct artillery fire.

FREEDOM OF RELIGION THE FIRST AMENDMENT AND THE SUPREME COURT HOW THE COURT FLUNKED HISTORY by Barry Adamson: In his book, Adamson explains in detail how the Court flunked history and got it wrong, how they seized on a phrase not even in the constitution, and have gradually built freedom of religion into a restraint of religious liberty.

MEMORY STADIUM by Kevin D. Horn: Each chapter is a year, or years, of Kevin's life and his memories of his strong interest in the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

AUTHENTICATING ANCIENT INDIAN ARTIFACTS by Jim Bennett: Includes an introduction to artifact reproductions, identifying reproduction flint artifacts, and reproduction and altered stone artifacts.

DECORATIVE PLATES IDENTIFICATION & VALUE GUIDE by Jim Harran: A survey of English, German, American and other European plates which include notes on their marks, makers, and changing values.

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