Thursday, November 13, 2008


NebraskAccess is another free service you can utilize as a patron of the Alliance Public Library. It is provided by the Nebraska Library Commission and includes online access to thousands of current periodicals such as magazines, journals and newspapers as well as reading recommendations, geneology tools and business information. Full text articles are available in html and pdf format from a large variety of resources.

The NebraskAccess eLibrary contains information from 200 newspapers, 1500 magazines and 300 books. NebraskAccess also makes available the Wilson Web research database, which is a wonderful tool for finding scholastic and scholarly research articles, perfect for writing papers.

NebraskAccess not only helps our patrons search periodicals online, but it also aids in finding new fiction books to read. The Fiction Connection link allows readers to search for new reading material based on genre, subject, age group, character type, setting and more.

To take advantage of this free service, simply go to and login using your current drivers license number.

You'll likely be seeing a few more posts about the features of NebraskAccess in the future, so check back in!

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