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July 1, 2008 Book Worm


July 1, 2008


THE FRONT by Patricia Cornwell: Investigator Win Garano is sent by D.A. Lamont to a declining neighborhood to come up with a "drama" as part of a new public relations campaign. Garano is skeptical because the town is a home base for a loose association of municipal police called the FRONT.

SHADOW OF POWER by Steve Martini: Terry Scarborough is a legal scholar who craves headline-making celebrity. He resurrects forgotten language in the U.S. Constitution and hints at a missing letter of Thomas Jefferson that threatens to divide the nation. When he is brutally murdered in California, defense attorney Madriani believes that the defendant is a pawn and there is much more to the case.

DEVIL MAY CARE by Sebastian Faulks: James Bond is assigned to shadow a mysterious Dr. Julius Gorner, a power-crazed pharmaceutical magnate, whose wealth is exceeded only by his greed and has developed an interest in opiate derivatives. A chain of events threatens to lead to global catastrophe during the period of the Cold War.

THE SUSPECT by John Lescroart: Dr. Caryn Dryden is found dead in her hot tub. The number one suspect is her husband, Stuart Gorman, who stands to inherit millions but claims to have been miles away at his mountain cabin. Although attorney Gina Roake has never handled a homicide, she is eager to defend Gorman since his innocence seems so easy to prove. But things change quickly.

PRAIRIE SUNSETS by Scott E. Miller: Based on true events, picks up two years after Prairie Whispers and continues the adventures of the McKay family as they struggle to maintain their life on the prairies of Nebraska.

GHOST PIRATES AND OTHER TALES OF THE HIGH SEAS: Pirates. Ghost ships. Murder. Man-eating alligators. Bloody revenge. Put them all together and you’ve got a winning combination of the most exciting stories ever written.

THE LOST CHOICE by Andy Andrews: Journalist Dorry Chandler takes a strange rock her son found to antiquities expert Dylan Langford and uncovers an ancient mystery that threatens Dorry's family and the history of mankind.


QUESTIONS TO BRING YOU CLOSER TO DAD by Stuart Gustafson: Carefully selected compelling and thought-provoking questions designed to spark meaningful discussions.

THE ANGER CURE by Kathleen O’Bannon: Provides a series of tests to help you understand what's causing your anger problem, then guides you through a series of lifestyle changes necessary to cure it. Problems might include, biological, nutritional or psychological factors.

FRONTIER MADAM by June Willson Read: The year was 1919, and the small town of Lusk, Wyoming, was on the verge of an oil boom, ready to explode with an influx of lonely roughnecks and roustabouts. A young entrepreneur calling herself Dell Burke smelled an opportunity.

COUNSELOR by Ted Sorensen: There will never be another speechwriter like Ted Sorensen, if only because there will never be a relationship like the one between Sorensen and John F. Kennedy. Burnout sets in earlier, and few writers’ stay with a politician for anything like the length of time Sorensen worked for Kennedy.

NATURAL THERAPIES FOR EMPHYSEMA AND COPD by Robert J. Green: Presents a commonsense approach to managing this pervasive disease through the application of traditional therapies and conventional wisdom.

BLENDABLE CURVES by Peggy J. Barkle: Includes 10 quilt projects with complete instructions, with no seams or points to match, no pinning needed, tips on quilting and binding.

DECORATIVE CONCRETE: Discover the many ways this material can add style and personality. Includes more ideas for decorating with concrete; how to build it yourself with photographs and instructions for projects from countertops and sinks to garden pots and furniture.

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